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Removing laptop keys

X3x3nonX3x3non Registered User regular
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My K key is acting up on my new laptop, I have to hit it unnaturally hard to activate it. I presume something might have gotten under it. In any case, I would like to take the key off to inspect it and clean it, but I have never taken off laptop keys. I used to routinely do it on my old desktop keyboard, but these seem to be manufactured differently.

Of course i did some googleing before I asked here and i found this:

Now i don't seem to have much luck with this. I am supposed to apply some force on a lever and push the key out until i hear a clicking noise. I applied a lot of force (short of breaking it off ¬_¬) and there was no clicking sound. Is it save to just force the keys out or are they mechanically connected to the laptop body?

Any experience with this?
My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1720. I presume most Dells have the same keyboard.

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    It's called a "scissor key", here's a picture of the underside and what it attaches to.


    It takes a bit of force to pop it off. Here's a link to how to replace them, with more pictures.

    :edit: Also, it's usually best to try and remove it from the bottom of the key, not the left or right side as that site said.

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