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Looking for a new HDTV

UrianUrian __BANNED USERS regular
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I'm looking for a good 32 inch LCD HDTV. I really wanted something that plays 1080p, but it seems most of the 32's only go up to 720p. What would you guys reccomend for the best price/quality ratio? I don't want to spend an insane amount of money, but if any of you know of one that is really really good but costs a bit much then post it anyway. I just want to see my options, and I don't know a lot about LCD's. I've been using a CRT HDTV the last three years.

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  • ImprovoloneImprovolone Registered User regular
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    What is your budget?
    Check around on Amazon for TV's, do some comparing of your own, and then it will be easier to help with specifics. Things to look for are contrast ratio are a good scaler.

    Oh, any buy all your cables from

    I swear, they should make a donation to Child's Play based on all of the money we've given them.

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    The only 32" 1080p I know of is by Sharp, which is supposed to be pretty good but for the money you might as well step up to 37" or 40".

    After nearly two months of research I recently pulled the trigger on a 40" 1080p Samsung LN-T series (upgrading from a 20" tube SDTV!) which I can definitely recommend. The contrast ratio / black level is about is good as LCD is going to get for awhile and it has enough inputs for probably two homes' worth of players, consoles, and boxes. The series starts at 32", but those are 720p.

    Although the other one I almost bought was a Toshiba Regza. I don't imagine you'd go wrong with either.

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    On a 32" screen there will be a minimal difference between 1080p and 720p. A 720p picture looks fantastic. Consumer Reports just did a feature on TVs a month or two ago. Your library will probably have the issue available, if you're interested in seeing what they have to say. I'm inclined to trust Consumer Reports over most home theater magazines.

    The TV that my family owns, the Samsung LN-T3242H was one of the top four 32" LCD sets reviewed in Consumer Reports. It costs about $900. HD content and DVDs look amazing, non-HD looks alright. Quite a few people, myself included have reported minor "tearing" issues with the set when viewing content though component (and maybe composite as well) cables. Tearing creates an odd looking line through the screen lasting for a couple seconds every once in awhile.

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    Okay, due to multiple existing tv threads, there is now a stickied TV thread, and the existing TV threads are being locked to route discussion there.

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