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ZyXEL Wireless Router Issues

sushiboysushiboy Registered User regular
I have a P344W as well as a P344WT wireless router. I have the same problem with both. They seem to loose wireless connection after a while. This can happen while the connection is either idle or active. On my Mac, the wireless signal stays strong, but I just cant do anything on the internet anymore. Dumping and renewing the IP does nothing. Resetting the Mac and/or router seems to help temporarily. If I hardwire the Mac to the router, then it is fine. I also have this problem with my Nintendo Wii. Sometimes it will connect with no problems, and other times it either will not connect at all or will intermittently loose connection. I did verify that I am using the correct power supplies for these routers. This problem happens regardless if I set it up as I want the settings to be (lots of security) or if I reset the settings and just let them at default. It doesnt seem to matter. Anyone know what may be causing this or are ZyXEL just crappy routers? Also, I highly doubt this is a noise interference problem. My house isnt really near any other house/building or anything else that might be emitting interference.

Wii - 5850 0852 0940 2934
AC:CF - 1032 4742 8889
PM me if you add any of my codes
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    ginguskahnginguskahn Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    Have you got the latest firmware?

    Zyxel are usually pretty good in my opinion.

    Have you tried a different wireless channel? Do all the devices stop working at the same time (eg if you cant get online with the mac, does the Wii also have the problem, or is it one and not the other?)?

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