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So a group of us tried to make a good go around on Arathor, but the recruiting pool is awful there so we're looking for a new home on a PvE server.

We have a

Prot Warrior
2 Mages
2 Hunters

All geared as we can get with badge loot and Kara.

There is also the possibility of a few others joining us.

We are looking for a raiding Guild. We can clear Kara in a few hours, we've downed Gruul but that's as far as we have been. We're looking for something Pacific that tends to raid later in the week and on weekends.

The WoW recruiting forums are a circus so I thought I'd try and give it a go here.

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    Oooh, I feel bad for you. I transferred off of Arathor not too long ago because of the ridiculously low population.

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    Try yonder chat thread.

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