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    So I'm teaching kids now and stuff. It's pretty exciting.

    Corrupting the youth of tomorrow from the getgo?

    More reason you are my favorite.

    We did talk about evil-ution today, so yes. :) Also, I highly recommend messenger bags to you - I have one that I use to tote school stuff around in and it works well.

    Obo - I personally prefer to have like two pairs of well fitting pants than a bunch of pants that don't really fit and that I therefore don't want to wear. It sounded like you were thinking about buying new jeans, and therefore you might prefer to save money by just having the ones you already own altered by any old tailor in the yellow book. But if you're not actually thinking about buying new jeans in the first place this advice becomes irrelevant. Without buying different pants or altering old ones, there's not much that you can do to get too-big jeans to fit nicely.

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