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The Celebrity Apprentice, And Why Piers Morgan is Awesome (Spoilers)

SchrodingerSchrodinger Registered User regular
edited February 2008 in Debate and/or Discourse

I don't know if anyone has been watching the Apprentice lately. It's gone pretty downhill since season one ended. However, I would like to say that last nights episode was awesome, and all thanks to Piers Morgan. Piers is known as the British Judge on "America's Got Talent." People either love him or hate him. Last night, Piers created perhaps the greatest episode of Apprentice history. It was a two-hour episode. Not because it was a huge task or a huge event that warranted two-hours, but because there was so much going on that the editors didn't know what to cut.

Spoilers ahead:
The assignment is to come up with a promotion for Crocs. Piers believes that the girls were spying on him, so he develops an elaborate plot to get Vinnie from the Sopranos team to infiltrate the girls, by staging a fight and making Vinnie volunteer his services to them. The girls take him up on his offer, and Vinnie takes notes and passes the information to the male team. But then Vinnie has a change of heart and decides that he really is loyal to the girls, and confesses his spy status to the girls. But then Piers reveals to the girls that there's a traitor in their midst, throwing them off their game, and outing Vinnie. Vinnie now has no team to turn to.

Don't stop. Believing.

Cut to black.

God bless you, Piers Morgan, for keeping this show interesting. He's not the first guy to create drama on the Apprentice, but I can't remember the last time I saw someone do it with such calm and brilliance. To those who have seen the episode, what do you think? Obviously, Piers took a huge risk, but he probably rattled all of the other contestants, and that could work to his advantage in the long run.

Vinnie: "He called me a fat Italian!"
Piers: "I didn't call you that."
Trump: "What did you call him?"
Piers: "I called him a very fat Italian"

Schrodinger on
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