Merry Christmas!!

So I get this letter in the mail today. I'm not sure who its from as I don't reconize the handwriting. There is a return address.... PA Secret Santa...?

Oh ya!Awsome! My Penny-arcade secret santa gift! Horay I have not been forgotten!

Has anyone else experienced this yet? It was definately the happiest my holidays have been so far. I got a 50$ gift certificate to EB Games.

Post what you got here if you've gotten it yet.

Merry Christmas!

no you cannot have a sig that size. especially with compression that crappy.
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    This isn't the right place. Go back to the secret santa thread where you signed up--everyone should have already posted their gifts, if they've gotten them.

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    What makershot said-- "The Monkey Den" is basically a place for forum bug reports.

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