they're right awards 2007 my take

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this is my version of the top ten games of 07.

10. rock band- best blatent ripoff.
9. halo 3- best game that should have come out 3 years ago.
8. resident evil: umbrella chronicals- best drama with zombies in it. "I love you, but your dead and you ate my brothers face.
7. madden 2008- best game that was just the same damn thing as the rest.
6. guitar hero III- best southpark episode.
5. super mario galaxy- best game that uses pretty colored stars to fight off mushrooms and plants in space if you catch my drift.
4. soul calibur: legends- the game finally has an alternative to button mashing... repetitive movement.
3. portal- best "if only i had one of those" game.
2. heavenly sword- only game based around throwing hats at gongs.
1. assassins creed- best best game where you're character does nothing but think.

notice i still used portal

this looks like a super-special-awsome job for limey man... in america
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