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Looking for a good microphone / sound card.

JasconiusJasconius sword criminalmad onlineRegistered User regular
I need to pick up two pieces of hardware this week.

The first thing I need:

I need a PC compatible microphone capable of professional/semi-professional recording quality. The strongest thing I could find on Newegg was a cheap plastic Logitech that got mixed reviews. I am willing to get it lumped in with a web cam, if required. I don't really care, but the microphone needs to be good, no background noise or echo.

The second thing I need:

Some sort of PCI sound card. Currently I have onboard, and it gets a lot of interference I assume because it's welded to the motherboard.

I see there is something out now beyond the Audigy from Creative, called X-Fi, but does it even matter? I just want something that will sound crisp/static free. EAX support, a line-in, and support for surround sound if I ever get a speaker system.

Gimme links.


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  • kazanmakazanma Registered User regular
    edited February 2008
    Do you have a price limit for any of these items? Are you looking for a headset or a dedicated mic? What style of mic are you looking for (desktop, hand-held, etc.)?

    I remember a TWiT podcast where Roger McGuinn (of The Byrds) recommended the Samson C01U (Amazon link) as a good studio-level starter mic with a USB interface. Your recording/speaking environment may affect your results with echo.

    Headsets: Plantronics and Sennheiser make quality stuff. Probably won't have the sound quality of a studio-level mic. Background noise and echo shouldn't be a problem with the adjustable directional mics.

    For the sound card, only Creative cards will have good hardware acceleration and EAX 3.0+ support. I think the X-Fi cards support EAX 5.0. Other cards will support up to EAX 2.0 through software, but may have better sound quality.

    M-Audio sound cards have good sound quality, but do not have strong gaming performance.
    You could just pick up a Creative Audigy card. They should have decent sound quality, have surround sound and EAX 3.0 support, and are cheap ($30 range).

    If you still get static after adding a sound card, something else may be causing interference. If you are running Vista, make sure you choose a sound card that has good driver support for it.


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