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Brave New World!

wazillawazilla Registered User regular
edited February 2008 in Singularity Engine++
No, not the book. This isn't WC people.

This is me making a new thread in the brave new world of post megathread SE++!

No longer must I fear the tyranny of being forced to post in threads that are large.

No longer must I sort through 45 pages of nonsense to find something that somebody brought up 27 pages ago!

No longer will I subscribe to threads since gmail creates separate conversations for every thread I'm involved in and that would quickly become unwieldy. Wait... this one doesn't fit... whatever.

NO LONGER! Will I cower in uncertainty as I click the submit post button! Wondering if 8 other people posted about 6 other topics while I was typing... Will I be bottom paged? My post isn't good enough for the top page... Oh My Gosh If Only Someone Would Stop The Madness!

I am delivered from this winter of my discontent. Delivered by the unwavering commitment of the Mods of SE++ to quality and... and... ease of use and...

Ok I'm done...

wazilla on


  • DaricDaric Registered User regular
    edited February 2008
    die in a fire you horrible faggot

    Daric on
  • KnobKnob TURN THE BEAT BACK InternetModerator mod
    edited February 2008
    yeah, that

    Knob on
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