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iPhoto help

OhioOhio Registered User regular
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I'm working on the Life Poster mentioned in this thread:

Unfortunately, the blog that the directions for the Life Poster are taken from 2005 and iPhoto has changed since then.

I know jack and shit about Macs but my wife's got one with the newest iPhoto.

Basically what I'm trying to do is take 98 photos, and get them all to print on one huge 20x30 poster. I've got the 98 photos in an album in iPhoto. I've got them all cropped to 4x3 (DVD) as the blog said to.

I can create a custom page size but I can't get it to save the damn thing. When I go to the "print" menu it doesn't give my custom size as one of the paper size choices.

Can someone tell me how to get from this:

-98 photos in an album
-they're cropped to 4x3

To this:

-I want to print them all on one huge 20x30 sheet of contact paper.

All the pictures have horizontal orientation. I'd prefer the poster to have a horizontal orientation as well.

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