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    Reverend_ChaosReverend_Chaos Suit Up! Spokane WARegistered User regular
    edited February 2006
    I am breaking someones neck at PAX. Hopefully this will take place during a Splinter Cell tourney. If there isn't a CS tourney, well that's too bad for one of you...

    Merc "Hey WTF?"
    Dead Merc "oh."

    I would love to see Guitar Hero. That game is awesome.

    I would like to see some SuperMonkeyBall. In game form or otherwise.

    Reverend_Chaos on
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    LegacyLegacy Stuck Somewhere In Cyberspace The Grid(Seattle)Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited February 2006
    I just had a good idea.

    But it depends on if the game is any good or not(also, if it's LANable). I think it will be.

    A Metal Gear Online tourney. :o

    Legacy on
    Can we get the chemicals in. 'Cause anything's better than this.
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    eelektrikeelektrik Southern CaliforniaRegistered User regular
    edited February 2006
    Okay, that video I watched in the Xbox 360 thread made me want to get Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter... And it looks like itll be a pretty god damned awesome multiplayer game and a tourney would fucking rock...

    eelektrik on
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