CDBOOT: Memory Overflow Error

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The hits just keep on coming.

Now my machine posts and all that. But when I try to boot from a Win XP Pro SP2 CD, it hangs for a while then gives me the error:

CDBOOT: Memory Overflow Error

The CD is a SP2 slipstream made from a legit XP Pro CD. You can see the specs for the machine in this thread: I've looked around the internet, but it seems to be a rather rare problem, and none of the suggested fixes elsewhere seemed to do it.

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    This brings up an interesting question I'd like to see answered. Is there a place that exists on the Internet where you can find out info on all kinds of computer error messages that isn't total bull? Most of the sites you end up with in a standard search are pretty lame, either other forums with little to no answers, or asking you to pay for some crapass solution (pisses me off to no end).

    Is there a no nonsense place to go? Hell, people made these machines, not some group of aliens. Computers aren't black boxes, there has to be documentation somewhere...

    I guess what I'm getting at in a less ranty tone is that people designed these error messages to hold some sort of meaning to someone, and that meaning is out there somewhere, but it's always hard if not impossible to find...

    /end rant

    To stay on topic:

    I couldn't find much on that error myself. Do you have other bootable CDs to try?

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    Google has lots of hits, from what I've skimmed through it suggests a RAM problem.

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    It finally works. Turns out the XP CD I used to originally make the SP2 disc was scratched or had some other error on it. I got my friends to make me a copy of his, and it installed fine. And before anyone asks, yes, I do have a legit CD key that I paid for.

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