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Recommend me some multiplayer 360 games

LewishamLewisham Registered User regular
edited February 2008 in Games and Technology
Hi guys,
I've been playing with my best friends regularly (finally managed to get them all together) on Xbox Live. We play pretty much Halo 3 with a little bit of Forza 2. It's getting a bit tiresome, and we're looking for something new. Does anyone have any recommendations?

* Must allow at least 4 players, pref 6-8.

* Must be lag-tolerant: I live in New Zealand, while they all live in the UK. Halo manages to run in multiplayer OK, but it's unplayable in co-op. Often Xbox Live Arcade games are like this too. We can play Forza, but I "bounce all over the track like a motherfucker" whereas all I see is me racing a perfect line :) I'm pretty concerned that Burnout Paradise might get kiboshed under this category.

* We mainly use it as a forum for chatting rather than actually playing, so nothing that actually silences you in-game (stupid Halo push to talk BS).

Thanks everyone!

Lewisham on
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