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Which Josh Groban album?

HakkekageHakkekage Space Whore Academysumma cum laudeRegistered User regular
edited February 2008 in Help / Advice Forum
So I saw Josh Groban on the Jimmy Kimmel revenge video, and as funny as it was, was really struck by his voice. So I looked him up and saw he had several albums out; since I don't want to be inundated by a bunch of new music, and also because I is poor, I thought I'd pop into H/A and ask for advice on which album to get, which songs are the best, etc. I watched some videos on youtube and I'm waffling on this issue. Also, for people who like Josh Groban, any other similar sounds I could get into?

Note: this is not a thread to discuss whether Josh Groban sucks or is amazing or whatnot. Musical tastes can be argued elsewhere.

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  • KalTorakKalTorak Way up inside your butthole, Morty. WAAAAY up inside there.Registered User regular
    edited February 2008
    My girlfriend is a big Groban fan, and she recommends "Closer," his first album.

    KalTorak on
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