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Trailer for upcoming TV Show: Need opinions.

HanSaganHanSagan Registered User regular
edited March 2008 in Artist's Corner
Hi all. The following is a trailer for a New Zealand TV show I'm working on called 'Jungle Fever 2: Primal Fury'.
Rather than a classic trailer structure I decided to just use a scene from the series. Without knowing anything about the plot or setting, I was wondering if its an enticing trailer and, most importantly, whether it makes you want to watch the series.

Thanks in advance.

HanSagan on


  • MustangMustang Registered User regular
    edited February 2008
    Once again NZ TV comes up with a fairly decent idea while Australian TV produces another crap reality show about overweight singing dancers battling for the grand prize by losing weight by performing song and dance routines on a deserted island. Honestly you guys are tearing strips of our TV community who are so busy backslapping each other they only stop to buy, and ruin, one of the few decent shows produced by the ABC.

    Anyway it's a brave move going for a single scene trailer, it is enticing but would I go out of my way to watch it? Maybe, however your relying on one character and one bit of humour to sell it, and to be honest the loose stitching and stuffing jokes aren't strong. However I would be interested to see a montage trailer or even a brief montage at the end of this one. That being said I'm sure the idea alone will grab a lot of attention for the average viewer who hasn't been brainwashed by rubbish tv.

    Mustang on
  • TiniTini Slippy PARegistered User regular
    edited February 2008
    Seems interesting, the only thing that bothers me is the puppeteering. The mouth movement isn't aligned with the speech in a few spots, perhaps it's just me nit picking seeing as though my brothers a puppeteer.

    Tini on
    Do a barrel roll.
  • HanSaganHanSagan Registered User regular
    edited February 2008
    I've noticed that too, although I think it might be a bit of youtube lag, as the original clip I uploaded seems fine. I might need to try a different compressor.

    Also, I'd love to sing the praises of local TV, but this puppy is totally self funded, and screening on Juice TV, a music channel. I imagine our major networks are just as bad as yours :)

    HanSagan on
  • A3gisA3gis Registered User
    edited March 2008
    Doesn't look too bad - and I agree with Mustang about the state of Aussie TV.. frickin' reality crap.. which isn't reality anyway! I mean who would decorate their house like that? be caught dead dancing with those 'stars' or singing with that other mob?! Go NZ, do a good job so we can claim it as ours like all your good actors ;P

    A3gis on
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