Sound problem in XP (Solved)

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Hey everyone, I seem to be having an issue with the sound on my PC, I know the cause I just can't seem to fix it though. I have this constant crackle on my speakers and this is because of the "PC Speaker" audio output from XP. Normally I just mute it and it's fixes the problem, but after formating and installing all the newest drives, I don't seem to have the option anywhere in my audio settings, I have clicked on all the available options for sound control and it still won't show up. Does anyone know of a backdoor way of muting the PC Speaker in xp or even getting it to show up?

Ok here was the deal apparently. When using Nvidia sound drivers they won't let you do anything to the PC speaker or phone line. I was using Realteks driver before and they let you control that stuff. So the in the end I either had to go back to the Realtek drivers or stay withe Nvidia drives and physically disconnect my pc speaker from the motherboard.

It never fails Make a thread then type in a random worded problem in google and find the fix.

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