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So the current earbuds I am using are the default white ones that came with my PSP. However, they are getting old and for some reason the rubber on the cable itself is all sticky now. It's clean, it's just... tacky feeling, and it's driving me insane. On top of that, I think the sound is starting to go.

My dilemma is that they are the only earbuds I've ever worn that I found comfortable. Admittedly, I've rarely used earbuds before this, but I've gotten to like them. I want to get a new set that is maybe a bit better. Here's the features I am looking for.

- Comfort: A lot of the earbuds I've tried feel scratchy... I dislike that immensely.

- Sound quality: It doesn't need to be concert quality audio but a decent volume would help.

- Stability: Mainly this is going to be for PSP/DS gaming and to use with my iPod at the gym. At the gym especially they tend to fall out.

So, suggestions?

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  • MisanthropicMisanthropic Registered User
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    The Phillips earbuds I got to replace my dead iPod earbuds are the best I've ever owned. YMMV though.

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    Shure e2c buds sound great, are stable, and if you have big enough ear cannals, comfy.
    If you dont find them comfortable, you can get different kinds of "plugs" for them to match the shape and size of your ear.

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    I have shure SE-110's and I love them. in ear, which I dont' usually like, but they come with 6 different kind of plugs so you can find one that fits your ear best. I'll never go back to stock headphones again.

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    I've had these for a year and love em, sound quality is awesome. They are a little pricey but worth it just for the quality, and customer support is great too. I lost my silicon tips and had to call Bose, and they just sent more out for free.

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