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Windows Home Server

FaceballMcDougalFaceballMcDougal Registered User regular
So I purchased an OEM WHS license and installed it on my previous desktop.

Before I begin I should mention that there is a known issue with data corruption under certain conditions and with some hardware, which I read up and and will be avoiding until the fix is published.

I was interested in a backup solution and since I had the extra hardware... WHS seems like the best option. It takes full and differential backups of all the PCs on your home network and from all reports it does it very well.

It also acts as a file server... the cool thing about this is that you can access your files anywhere from a web browser as Microsoft maintains a domain name for you ( even if your internet connection is a dynamic IP. You can have up to 10 accounts that can access these files from anywhere with various degrees of security. I'll be giving a login to my family for our photos :)

You can also manage your server remotely from that same address with an admin login.

Overall I'm pretty impressed with the security. It's Windows Server 2003 Small Business Edition with WHS software on top of it which requires strong passwords, locks down IE on the server and even Windows Update had to go through the client software on my Vista desktop (this can be changed I'm sure... but you wouldn't want to).

The install was pretty straightforward and automated with about 5 or 6 reboots running various configs. Once it was up it told me to log out and manage it from my PC from there on. So now it sits in a closet headless.

Adding storage is pretty neat... just hook up a hard drive and it adds the storage capacity to a whole which it balances accordingly. I installed it on a 250gb drive and hooked up 2 older drives... 60 and 80gb and all I had to do was add them in the console.

I've typed enough already :) I doubt this is of much interest but since there hasn't been a thread on it that I could see I thought I'd share.

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    Nakatomi2010Nakatomi2010 Registered User regular
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    There's been a thread on it.... I made it myself...

    Interesting tidbit... If you click on the links in my sig, you'll actually access websites that are currently hosted on my home server.... Brought to you by Whiist...

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    FaceballMcDougalFaceballMcDougal Registered User regular
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    Sorry search came up with nothing remotely recent... thanks for the info about Whiist... going to check it out

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