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MSN Live is a hog

Rotting MeatRotting Meat Registered User regular
edited March 2008 in Help / Advice Forum
So I'm trying to help a friend out with their computer, a little ACER laptop. I'll skip right to the problem.

When trying to sign into Windows Live Messenger it takes reportedly 30-45 minutes. All the while little MSN is using 99% of system resources. If trying to close it then MSN crashes and needs to be killed. I've tried deleting the user profile settings, and I've tried a reinstall of MSN. Neither did anything. This problem started quite a while ago and she doesn't know anything that she changed that triggered it, but it did originally run fine on the laptop.

One thing I noticed is when MSN is using all the system resources, if Avast! is running then Ashserv.exe goes to about 50% and MSN takes up the remaining 49%. Killing Ashserv.exe does not fix the problem, and just allows MSN to goto 99%.

Any ideas? Thanks troops.

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