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Code page conversion tables

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So, I'm getting pretty tired of having to reboot my (WinXP) computer in either traditional or simplified Chinese mode depending on what program I want to use, just because a bunch of lazy programmers don't want to learn Unicode. I've noticed my regional & language options panel has a section for "code page conversion tables." I don't really know what they are, but apparently they're used to convert characters inside a program from a particular encoding into Unicode. I've also noticed that a lot of them aren't installed by default. Will installing more mean that I won't have to reboot my computer with a different "language for non-Unicode programs" as often? Will installing too many have any negative effects?

And yes, I have Microsoft AppLocale. It works for some things, but not for others, and I still have to reboot for programs that don't have a proper uninstall exe and can only be uninstalled from the add/remove programs dialogue.

|EDIT| Also, if anyone knows where I can find a set of normal Chinese-language fonts (ie, the ones that come with Chinese editions of Windows but not with the English one), that would be great. Occasionally it can't find a particular font and defaults to some ridiculous fancy font or some pixelated bitmap font... very annoying.

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