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West Coast Train Trip 2008: Communist Edition



  • CanticleCanticle Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    You can use the RPGA calendar on to find games in the area. Here's a current search for upcoming games in L.A.:

    I know most of the guys running those events, all good people. Best of luck, and if you ever get the chance to hop down to UCI for one of our RPGA nights John and I will probably be there.

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  • PanopeaPanopea Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    Panopea wrote: »
    In case anyone is wondering, my actual name is Rachel. I sang a bunch in Rock band on the way up, and played random card games for about 14 hours on the way back. I want to give a special thank you to the fellow who ran the All Flesh Must Be Eaten game, since that was awesome (sorry man, I can't remember your name ^_^;).

    I never got a chance to play Infernal Contraption or Chez Geek with you! I do hope you make the trip again next year, so I can get that chance. Oh, and I ment to ask you: where are your cat ears with the holes in them from?

    Those are both awesome games. Our Chez Geek game ran sooooo long *blarg*

    I purchased the cat ears at either Anime Expo or Fanime (can't remember which), and I BELIEVE they were from Cosworx, but I'm not totally sure. They're unique, though; the fellow who sold them to me said that they were his personal pair, and that making all of those holes in them is a total bitch, so he probably won't be making any more. I love cosplay and I'm always on the lookout for ridiculous ears/hats, so I snapped 'em up ^_^

    apologies for posting in the old thread!

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    So, we should lock this thread. I don't want to have to look at both to catch what people are saying. Right?

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