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Am I getting somewhere in life?

CalciumCalcium Registered User
edited March 2008 in Help / Advice Forum
So to sum up me in a nutshell, I'm a socially repressed CompSci nerd in uni, took a lot of crap in school, but had a good close family to help me through a lot of it, although I feel it all left its mark. Never had a girlfriend, and never have many friends - in fact I have a tendency to alienate a lot of my friends.

So I realised a few months ago that I'm probably depressed and not doing much about it (actually, I have some of the threads in this forum to thank for that), so I'm trying something different this semester. I joined two clubs - a comedy club run by the arts department so I can do an improv workshop with them and another comedy-esque club run by the CS department. I also joined a gym, but I stopped going after a few months (mostly because it's frighteningly boring, and also because of travelling logistics, what with carrying gym clothes and all) Oh and I took a Psych course, mostly to meet new people other than the standoffish as hell and also already firmly-entrenched-in-groups CS crowd (CS == Computer Science, for those that didn't catch that)

The problem is with my existing friends, is that most of them are from my high school, a group of people I stubbornly hold on to, even though we only see each other at birthday parties and the like, they're the group of friends I hang out with most, on non-educational matters. This is unfortunate, because they prioritise their education (and understandably for many, uni friends and girlfriends) over hanging out (I get "I gotta study for a test", but it gets annoying when they use the same excuse no matter what time of the year). I've only made a half dozen friends in uni and I haven't really connected with them, in fact, I'm not sure I like them at all. This is why I'm desperately looking for new people.

I guess I'm getting cold feet. Are these steps in the right direction? Am I doing too many things at once? Is there something I could be doing better?

tl;dr My life sucks and I'm trying to make it better, but don't know how and am hence throwing the kitchen sink at the problem.

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  • TrowizillaTrowizilla Registered User regular
    edited March 2008
    It sounds like you're not really sure as to what you're looking for in friends. If you're in school, go see if you can take advantage of the free counselling most universities offer. No, going to see a therapist doesn't mean you're broken in the head. Having someone to talk to and hash out your own thoughts with can be very helpful, and even if you don't come to any startling realisations about yourself, a therapist can help you make a plan to change your life in the way you want to.

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