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Anyone Play 1000 A.D?

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The game is kind of dying but there's still around 500 people in Standard I think. I didn't play it for a few years but I recently came back to it for those times I'm bored at work.

For those of you who don't know: This is a text based web browser strategy game. It gets incredibly lopsided at the top. The top 5 are usually so good that you need a team to pull them down. Despite that it's satisfying to knock them from their lofty perch :) I'd post screenies but since it's just walls of text. It's not something many gamers really takes seriously but if someone on PA plays it, maybe we can form an alliance. I primarily play Blitz but i've got a guy in the Epic Test (1k max rounds/3 min per round).

Here's the linky if you're curious.

I'm "Wrektem" in Blitz.

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