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[SWG] Throw it out, make your own!



  • RaggaholicRaggaholic Registered User regular
    edited April 2008
    THOR wrote: »
    The player based economy was one of the outstanding high points of the game. All items, gear, weapons, houses, furniture, cloths, meds, everything was made and sold by players. This fact made SWG so much more enjoyable, not to mention playable for those who didnt want to fight. I mean, with buffs, Docs made the most money out of any profession, hands down. Really, no other big MMO has anything like the economy of SWG.
    Nah, not docs. Armorsmiths, then Weaponsmiths, then Docs. My mining character was a doc, so trust me on this one. There was a lot less work time involved for amror and weaponsmiths. Load the factories, then load the vendors. Log in with 14 million more. With Docs, you had to actively sit there and earn that money.

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  • djklaydjklay Registered User regular
    edited April 2008
    Otaking wrote: »
    - Stay away from trying to make classes too far removed from combat. I hate to say this but vidja games are a very visceral medium. I have yet to see something compelling and fun with a deep game attached to it that is not combat oriented. I was a mayor and architect in the original SWG the day the patch came out. These skills got used maybe .0000001% of your total play time. All the dancer players ran theirs by script while they played their other Jedi character. Leave the diplomacy, and social aspects inside of well-crafted mission content.

    Ahhh SWG, probably the most fun I ever had in an MMO. Sometimes I would spend an hour or two flying around to different stores going 'what pants are me?'. I rarely had an issue with not being able to get an item that I wanted so the crafting/merchant classes must have been well used. Just because you don't care for the non-combat classes doesn't mean that other people shouldn't be able to enjoy them. This game rewarded you in the classic MMO way (xp) for doing things that were non-combat related. So people who didn't want to kill didn't have to but still had a proper character. I probably had more interaction with random people in this game than any other MMO I've played (well maybe except Planetside but that's a completely different style), because of the importance of the non-combat classes.

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  • JasconiusJasconius sword criminal mad onlineRegistered User regular
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    Raggaholic wrote: »
    Jasconius wrote: »
    There is no single part of SWG that is complete and perfect in its own right.

    It's hard to argue that something was wrong with the old crafting system. Ok, ok, ok... there were periods of months that the servers could go without spawning a necessary material, but that wasn't the crafting system itself's fault...

    The one thing that I really, REALLY, liked about SWG was the absolute sandbox of it. I had a character who was a Doc/whatever profession let you put up vendors. With that character, I became a multi-millionaire without ever running a mission or crafting a single piece of armor or weapon. I just ran a business that absolutely exploded. Plus, it was fun.

    I believe if they would have just left the game alone, even as broken as was when it was released, it would probably still be going on today.

    I would say that at release you are probably right, the crafting was nearly perfect, but there are some related things that weren't.

    Namely: extremely rapid decay and the devs inability to handle it. I remember going through suits of armor in a DAY of DWB runs. One day, two or three runs tops. At 200-1000k per suit (depending on the quality), it was ridiculous. So instead of simply reduce decay and maintains repairing as a viable avenue for *active* crafters to make money, they just removed decay from the game completely. Wow.

    I think that the resource requirements for crafting professions should have been tuned as well. A weaponsmith can grind on a hundred K ore, a Shipwright needs millions of ore to get the job done. And neither made more money than the other necessarily, in fact, it's far more likely that the weaponsmith would end up richer.

    And even though I liked the complex material ratings, I think they could have been just a little more reasonable with the quality ratings, or at least extend the spawns to something more manageable like a month. Surveying for 4 different goddam types of material and moving my harvesters every week was pretty sucky.

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  • HeirHeir Ausitn, TXRegistered User regular
    edited April 2008
    The day they took away Jedi Permadeath was the day I quit. I was willing to put up with all the profession grinding crap, just to get my prestige class that was both very powerful, and yet very scary to play sincc there's always the possibility of him getting killed.

    I would have no problem with players being jedi, and even being more powerful than a normal class. But for the love of God give them very harsh penalties for dying. I know some folks don't like that, but if the Jedi class was this "prestigious" thing that was akin to hardcore-mode, don't go listening to a bunch of crying players about them losing their uberjedi.

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