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Trying to remember a sort of DC hero Civil War comic... (Maybe this belongs in H/A?)

JamesKeenanJamesKeenan Registered User regular
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I remember only very sketchy details... I believe it was a full graphic novel, mostly black cover, glossy pages I think... The premise was something of a civil war, or a war between Earth and the heroes... I think Superman might have been bad in it, that's not a definite.

What I am almost positive about is
Atom Man was split. I tried searching Google for things like "splits Atom Man" but got nothing but science websites and the wiki on Atom Man himself. Anyhow, I believe it was an arrow that actually splits Atom Man. It's... so cheesy. Not in a bad way, but... Oh man...

Anyhow, this novel also would have to be at least a few years old, as I remember flipping through it at my friend's house around '05 or '06.

[edit]: Oh, uh... There's a thread for these sorts of... I missed it, see... And now I can't delete this one...

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