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Not happy with my HDTV picture

Sci-Fi WasabiSci-Fi Wasabi Registered User regular
edited April 2008 in Help / Advice Forum
So I purchased a Sony Bravia 32 inch LCD over the weekend and I am having trouble calibrating it. I can tell it will have a fantastic picture once properly calibrated. My last LCD TV needed little calibration because frankly, what you saw was what you got. No in depth settings were available.

With this set, out of the box, it looks harsh. It's set to vivid with the back light to max, and just isn't suitable for home use. I've messed with the settings and I cannot decide on what looks good to my eyes. THX optimizers have done jack shit for me, besides telling me if my display is too bright or dark. It just doesn't work.

My google fu has told me that Bravia users recommend warm2 for their color temperature, but that is WAY to orange. It's driving me crazy!

XBOX 360 looks excellent on pretty much any setting for games. For DVD's, not so much (upscaled to 720p through VGA)

Wii looks worse on this set than on my old LCD, but that could easily be picture settings talking, as the Wii probably doesn't look amazing on any hdtv.

So I feel kind of conflicted. Without a calibration that makes me happy, I'll kind of feel like I downgraded my set. Any suggestions?

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