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User Issue: Piece of Shit Isn't Reprimanded

Calamity JaneCalamity Jane That Wrong LoveRegistered User regular
The Artist's Corner Mod known as Grifter stiffed me on a Secret Santa gift in GV.

I was told there was a thread on the subject of the matter, and while it may or may not have yielded results I have for all intents and purposes been left in the dark. I don't presume to tell anyone how to do their jobs or what I deem appropriate punishment but I've basically got dick in the matter of this issue being resolved.

A forumer acted in place of Grifter and was cool enough to shell out some of his hard earned cash to get a present (four freaking trade paperbacks of comics) and this dickass has no infractions or other state which would denote punishment.

What gives?

I spoke with Tube on the matter but haven't heard a word from him for roughly a week. I'm patient but this shit ain't fair to somebody who actually went out of his way to get something for me.

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  • TubeTube Registered User admin
    edited April 2008
    You are on my last fucking nerve.

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