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Curious networkery problem.

SpiralStairsSpiralStairs Registered User regular
(yeah first post, i forgot my old account details.)


Our house's old router (some ancient pos) died a couple of weeks ago, so i purchased a D-Link DIR-100 wired router to replace it. Got it all up and running and everything seems good, but when downloading files for more than a few minutes, via utorrent or just straight downloads, the connection seems to drop in a peculiar way. I'll no longer be able to bring up web pages, or make new connections to anything, but the downloads will proceed at normal rate and anything i WAS connected to (wow, ventrillo, mirc) will remain connected and i will ping at usual low levels as if nothing was wrong. If i kill connection to any of these apps, i'll then not be able to get back into them.

The only way to bring my internet back up to full functionality is to actually kill the power to the router, wait a few seconds and plug it back in. A reboot via the web-interface doesn't work (though i can access that interface fine). The router is connected to 4 computers in the house and everyone experiences similar difficulties.

I've updated the router to latest firmware, tried putting my computer in the DMZ, lowered my maximum upload/download rates and maximum number of connections in utorrent, but the problem persists.

We're with Virgin Media (NTL, basically) and i guess our modem is a few years old. I find it difficult to believe it's a problem with the modem or the actual internet connection, because resetting the -router- fixes it. Though i guess it could be possible as we used to get very occasional internet drops on the old router which could only be resolved by resets (nowhere near the frequency of the new router, though).

Does anyone have any ideas ?

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  • darleysamdarleysam On my way to UKRegistered User regular
    edited April 2008
    It looks like this isn't the forum for your problem. Might I suggest Help & Advice or the Tech forum in G&T?

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  • SpiralStairsSpiralStairs Registered User regular
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    christ, i thought i followed the rules to the right forum.


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