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The Florida Primary Debacle - A Play in One Act

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Post: Democratic Primaries: Um, like, wow
Posted by: ElJeffe

Original Content:
The Florida Primary Debacle
A Play In One Act

Ext. - Southern US

FLORIDA and the DNC are arguing in the KITCHEN

Florida: We want to be important! Everyone ignores us! We want our primary to be earlyyyyyyyyyyyy.

DNC: Hey Florida, we have rules. If you break the rules, we'll take your delegates.

Florida: You're not the boss of us! We'll do what we want! You can't do anything to us!

Florida: *votevotevote*

DNC: Okay, now you get no delegates. Also: no borrowing the car.

Florida: Wait, what? Hey, give us our delegates! You owe us delegates!

DNC: Tell you what, if you want delegates, then you have to pay for a revote and take out the garbage which is, like, spilling all over the damned floor.

Florida: No man, you can't tell us what to do! You'll cave! You always cave!

DNC: Just wait until your Dad gets home. Oh, wait, here he is now...

HOWARD DEAN walks in

Howard Dean: Did you vote when I told you to wait? Did you vote when I told you to fucking wait? No delegates for you. And if you keep up this shit, no delegates next year, either.

Florida: We don't have to listen to...

Dean: *SMACK*


Dean: Shut up and go to your room before I beat you with a fucking belt. And cut your hair, you goddamned hippie.


FLORIDA scampers from the room like a little bitch

Dean: Hey babe, what's for dinner? I hope it's you.

DNC: Oh Howard, you're incorrigible!


FunkyWaltDogg on
Burnage wrote:
FWD is very good at this game.


  • RingoRingo Registered User regular
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    Howard Dean is so dreamy.

    ceres wrote: »
    I'm just going to go ahead and lock this thread before I feel any worse about humanity.
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    Ringo wrote: »
    Howard Dean is so dreamy.

  • visiblehowlvisiblehowl Neutron Nerd Registered User regular
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    That was fantastic.

    Awesome thread forum delivers. :^:

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