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What TCGs/CCGs are people playing nowdays?

DremDrem Registered User regular
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Man, what do you guys call these things? Collectible card games? Trading card games? Is there even a difference? I guess I'll coin the term COLLECTIBLE TRADING CARD GAME (CTCG).

Anyway, It's been a good number of years since I played any sort of trading card game. I remember my elder brother and I played a little bit of Magic: The Gathering when we thought this starter set called Portal. I think it was around the 3rd edition rules or something? We didn't play too long because we didn't have anyone to play with. My younger brother and I also got into the Pokemon game when that got popular, then we sort of stopped eventually. My little brother got into Yu-gi-oh later on, and I'd play with him occasionally; it seemed okay. So basically, I've only ever played these popular mainstream games. I haven't really considered seeing what other kinds of games there were. At the time, it didn't really matter to me I guess.

Recently, though, I've just been interesting in picking something up. I know a lot of people at my college who play Magic, and I guess I could try getting back into that. I'd have to re-learn everything, but that isn't too much trouble. But I was just wondering if there were other card games that a lot of people play nowdays aside form Magic and Yu-gi-oh and is Pokemon still going? Anything particularly interesting or unique? The only thing I've heard of recently was UFS- Universal Fighting System. Didn't seem like it was too big or it didn't take off, but I read on a bunch of sites (well, two sites) that while overly complicated, it's actually pretty good. But I guess the biggest reason it caught my eye is that it uses many popular fighting game properties, like Street Fighter, Soul Calibur and King of Fighters. I guess that actually made my initial impression bad (I tend to get skeptical over licensed goods), truthfully, but after reading about it, it seemed like it could be okay. Maybe. Also, it seems like an extremely cheap game to get into ($7 for a 60 card starter deck? I remember when I used to pay... a lot of dollars for... not as many cards of a Pokemon deck).

So basically, I'm just curious as to what's popular with the modern kids, and if are there any interesting games I could consider picking up.

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  • GahmriousGahmrious Registered User regular
    edited April 2008
    WoW Trading Card game is pretty popular from what I've noticed. I've been playing off and on since it was released, and I really enjoy it. Theres a lot of variety with building decks, and the themed "raid decks" are fun to play if you have an afternoon to kill.

    The prices are a bit odd for the starter decks, 15$ but it includes a 30 card premade deck and... two boosters? The boosters are anywhere from 3$ to 4+ I suppose.

    The game is fun, especially if you've spent some of your time wasting away in the actuall game of WoW, and you can relate.

    Also, sorry for letting this topic slip under the radar... @_@ I feel like a bad forum member now...

    Oh, and popular games at my local gaming store are, Lord of the Five Rings (iirc) , and Anachronism (sp?)


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  • VisskarVisskar Registered User regular
    edited April 2008
    I've managed to move my gaming friends beyond Magic and into playing Vs for almost a year now. Even got some non-gaming but comic-fan friends to try it out. I've tried to get them to play Lord of the Rings or the one true Star Wars CCG (Decipher), but that hasn't been as successful. Warcraft is looking promising though. Especially with the raid decks, as we all enjoyed the Coming of Galactus.

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  • GrimDog420GrimDog420 Registered User regular
    edited April 2008
    wow is all the rage around here. Magic has its loyal following as well.

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  • H*RH*R Registered User regular
    edited April 2008
    I'm actually looking to get into a CCG as well. Probably VS as my friends and I are all comic fans and i know some established gaming groups that play it.

    Our only concern is money. Now we know the internet is the place to buy usually, but with a game like VS (i saw there was no official thread so i thought i'd ask here in the "noob" thread) it seems like the new expansions don't really relegate the old cards to a useless state. They seem to just add new rules and some new flair, but you can still use the older cards to play new ones and be competitive....right? We're not looking to enter the tournaments (yet) but I at least want to be competitive with my friends that have no mortgage or kids.

    Basically, is there anything you all can tell me about VS for a first time CCGer? The gaming group I mentioned just said "buy it! Buy It! BUY IT!" because they need some fresh blood i think.

    I also hope that VS comes out with some more "raid" decks. The WoW ones look fantastic, but my buddies only have the funds and time for one game.

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