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This is the best lurker post I have ever seen.
Forum: Social Entropy++
Post: Oh my, how embarrassing!
Posted by: Label

Original Content:
Sheri, you seemed to be hung up on this. Don't be.

From what I remember off of profile shots occasionally posted here, your boobs are nice. You're correct that they're not large. That's okay. You don't have a large frame. Average height in USA is something like 5'8 for women.

What your boobs DO have is projection. They're full, and not saggy. The relevance of boob size is somewhat of an exaggeration, I find. More important is the fullness. Yes, large full boobs are a little more intriguing than small full boobs. But, any sort of full boob beats out saggy shit breasts hands down. So don't fret about it, k?

Uh, as far as embarrassing things, hmm. The last club I've gone to was playing hardcore gay porn on the TVs there? I've never even been to a straight bar, I don't think. Not that embarrassing, I guess.

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