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[GAME ON] Weewar: kinda like a hex browser based Advanced Wars you can play at work.

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For new and old players (lots of updates recently!):
red_002.gif Weewar is a turn based strategy game that plays out on a hex field and can be played on your browser. How that's not enough to get you signed up, I don't know, but I'll keep going.

red_005.gifNo more waiting for signups! The game is completely open now and new registrations should be processed immediately.

red_009.gifIt has a map editor that you can use to create your own custom maps. There's also a map browser to look through other people's maps and as well as the ability to favorite them.

red_007.gifThe game is free! You can also get a Pro upgrade which gives you access to sharing your custom maps (very badass), extra units for everyone playing a game you create (very cool), and the ability to play 10 games at a time instead of 4 (very nice).

Check out these nifty new maps:





Active PA Weewar players:
PA name - Weewar name
anable - anable
imperfect - imperfect
duckterpepper - duckterpepper
aldo - aldah

Just post in here to get added to the list.

Also, I'm creating a new thread because Sleep never updated the old OP. That jerk.

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    The updates have really improved the gameplay, they've balanced some of it out and as long as you're playing for fun and not for points you won't get frustrated.

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