My MacBook is broken! (hard drive issue?)

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I had a whole bunch of files to copy off my Firewire external hard drive (maybe 30-40gb) onto my MacBook today, and I set it to start copying as I went off to grab a bite to eat. I came back an hour later, and my screen was dark. I tried wiggling the mouse / pressing keyboard keys, and it didn't come back to life. I closed and opened the lid a few times, hoping to jolt it into/out of sleep mode, but no luck. Eventually, I just held down the power button until it rebooted (maybe a bad choice). Now when I turn it on, I get a flashing question mark folder icon instead of the apple logo boot screen (the same goes for holding down Alt/Option to see my boot options - neither my OS X partition or my Windows XP partition shows up). I think it's something with the hard drive. I tried loading a Linux boot CD, but it didn't automatically recognize my drives. I put in my Tiger install CD (I'm running Leopard, but my install disk is halfway across the country), and they didn't show up as Startup Disk options. I'm on a Mac Pro in the computer lab at my uni right now, where I have my MB connected using Target Disk Mode, but the drives aren't showing up.

I suspect I will have to reinstall Leopard and start from scratch, but is there any way I can recover data off the disk before I clean it off?

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    Find yourself (or find a friend with) a copy of DiskWarrior. Boot your machine from the DiskWarrior CD and hope for the best. Barring that, you'll probably have to take it to someone for service to see if they can grab any files off of it.

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    This happened to my powerbook once, your hard drive is definitely broken.

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    What you're describing sounds very strange, especially since you weren't doing anything unusual. I find it particularly disturbing that the target disk mode doesn't recognize any drives, since even if it was corrupted or reformatted, it should still recognize the disks. My suggestion for what to try next is to try and get a drive enclosure and see if another computer recognizes the disk. If so you can just copy the files and reinstall, otherwise, your hard drive might be toast, and then you're out of luck.

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