Extending the reach of X360 Live Messenger

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The chatpad and Messenger integration into the Xbox 360 dashboard is great, but I feel like there should be more I can use it for. I know the Yahoo IM service is supposed to be bridged with Microsoft's, so I should be able to also instant message Yahoo folks from the Xbox (haven't tried it yet).

But what I really want to do is be able to contact people on their phones, because this is how you reach out to friends and tell them "get your ass on Xbox Live so we can play a game." The "Live Anywhere" idea never went anywhere, so what I am looking for now is an SMS gateway that works on the Yahoo or MSN/Live Messenger protocols. For instance, this is possible if you are using AIM, you just send an IM to a phone number like +18001234567 and it gets converted to an SMS and sent to that phone.

Does anyone know if something like that exists?

If not I will have to look into what it would take to make a chatbot or Messenger<-->SMS gateway of my own. I have found some protocol documents and C# implementations of all the parts.

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    I dunno about the SMS stuff, but perhaps if you are logged into MSN and XBL, and have Trillian or similar program that takes all your many IM names and combines them.
    This might work, but I don't know exactly.

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