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Doing important science ITT.
Forum: Social Entropy++
Post: The Very Best of the Internet - NSF56K
Posted by: Zombiemambo

Original Content:
msuitepyon wrote: »
Vann Diras wrote: »
#pipe wrote: »
homosexuality is an STD transmitted through ball touching

Or in women it comes from getting a really really bad haircut.

Actually all women are homosexual, you just have to activate the lesbian glands by putting two women in an erotic situation

I can't really say why

And I'm sure it's just really silly

But that phrase is hilarious to me

It has been scientifically proven that women have a gland that makes them attracted to other women

But it's dormant, you have to activate it

I'm assuming a deep dicking isn't involved....

Not before it's activated

But you can totally have a threeway if you plan it just right

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