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HD DVD playback on vista

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I bought a new laptop back in February. I get home, take it out of the box, and find that it has an HD-DVD player. It's cool that it came with one, it sucks that it wasn't blu-ray. Oh well, that's life. I finally got around to buying an HD-DVD (Children of Men, combo disc) and I put it in my computer. My laptop boots up this "quickplay" program, slowly brings up the menu to the movie, but doesn't really play it. I can occasionally hear sounds from the movie, but it's choppy, and there is no picture.

I figure that I don't have the proper software to play HD DVD's. I do some quick research and find that the CyberLink DVD suite does not play HD DVDs unless I upgrade (which will cost me 80 bucks. Really cool HP... give me an HD DVD player but no way to watch the movies.

Anyway, I need some software to play this movie! Free software is pretty much the only way I can go at this point. Any suggestions?

Or if my problem sounds like it's not the player, any ideas what it is?


edit: No responses, but that's ok... I contacted HP customer support and they got me fixed right up. Problem solved.

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