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DS Lite Repair?

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My cousin's DS Lite is broke.

Or more specifically, it has two cracked hinges, the top half and the stylus no longer locks into place, it refuses to turn on, the charge light flashes for only a second before disappearing when a charger is plugged in, and when you shake it, you can hear something rattling inside. It's about a year or two old, so it's likely way past warranty. I think he might have dropped it a few times, but I don't see any visible scuffing.

So the question is: Should I even bother calling Nintendo to see if they can repair it, or should I open it up and poke around, hoping for the best?

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    ElinElin Registered User regular
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    At this point I'd say the repair would cost more than just buying a new one. Additionally, have you looked here for the charging issue?

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