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Chemistry and pharmacy

blue powderblue powder Registered User regular
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I'm a first year chemistry student and though I'm only an average student (get passes) I do enjoy it. I'm looking to perhaps get a job in a pharmacy for some experience and learning about differant meds and their chemical basis.

Has anyone else had experience doing this and can reccomend what it is I ask for when I ask for the job? I'm not looking to be a pharmacist, I jsut thought it would be a good general background. I think my aim is to do something like chemical engineering or somehting etc.

Thanks a lot for any advice.

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    DaenrisDaenris Registered User regular
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    Well, you could get a job as a pharmacy technician. Unfortunately (in my experience at least) this isn't really going to help you learn much about medications/chemistry as it's really more of a "put this many of pill x into a container." And it's really the only job in most pharmacies aside from pharmacist. If you're really proactive about it and ask a lot of questions and chat up the pharmacist a lot (though try not to be too annoying) you might end up picking up some useful information though.

    At least in Illinois where I had to get a pharmacy tech certification for my job the requirements were pretty much fill out a form, have a high school diploma (and I needed a copy of it, or a letter from the school stating I graduated... for some reason my college diploma wasn't good enough to prove that I had graduated from high school) and send in a check for like $40. The relative lack of regulations was a bit scary, but I'm not sure what the requirements are like in other places.

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    Limp mooseLimp moose Registered User regular
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    The Indianapolis area Has a huge selection of jobs that look for pharmacy degrees that do not make you a pharmacist. There are 2 big pharmacy schools located there (purdue/butler) And several very large pharmaceutical companies. Eli Lilly, And I cant remember the others. But my reason for giving you this information is that if you poke around on google For pharmacy jobs in Indianapolis I am sure you will find more than one job posting for close to what you are looking for.

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