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Gadget advice needed - want to upload my GPS location on the go and possibly more

KyzenKyzen Registered User regular
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I'd like to have a computer or UMPC, a GPS device, and an internet connection (cell phone?) in a backpack, that would automatically upload my GPS location to a website for me. Ideally I'd love it if I could just have a GPS device doing the location uploading, however I realize that's either not very affordable, or just doesn't exist.

My ultimate goal here is to be able to track the progress of my trip in semi-real time (for the sake of batteries I'm fine uploading my location every 15-30 minutes or so). I also plan to take pictures along the way, tag them with my GPS coordinates, and have the pictures linked on a map to where they were taken. I'm working on a webservice to do the later part, but I know absolutely nothing about GPS units, so the first bit is more diffcult.

I'm going on a short trip soon that I'd love to test this setup out on, and a longer trip later this year that I'd really like to put it to task on.

I presently have a Nokia n770 internet tablet with about a 2 hour battery life, and a rather bulky Dell m600 that I can get up to 7 hours of use out of on a full dual-battery charge. I'm also looking into a smaller computer, such as an Eee PC or UMPC (Samsung Q1U w/ external battery pack), but I'm not sure yet if I want to really drop that kind of cash for a technical toy like this :)

So - any advice on GPS options here? I have both ATT and T-Mobile cell phones, a full data plan on the ATT phone, and T-zones on the Tmobile phone. I'd be ok with either a bluetooth GPS reciever, or a full fledged handheld GPS unit, as long as I could somehow meet my needs.

UPDATE: After some Googling I've found a few options, but none seem to be the perfect solution I'm looking for. My best/cheapest/most flexible option thus far seems to be getting a Boost Mobile phone - they have a $40 phone that includes GPS functionality, and an unlimited data plan for 35 cents a day. I'm not sure however how verbose the GPS tool is yet. I also can't figure out if the Boost phone supports tethering for internet connection sharing or not.

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    embrikembrik Registered User regular
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    I just got a Nokia N95 8G (N95-4), and it fits the bill for what you're asking. The only downside is the battery life. If you took a spare, you should be good though. It's got a built in 5MP camera, GPS, 3G data capable, and with a free app, it will tag your photos with coordinates. You can upload directly to flickr, etc. I use mine on AT&T. I think if you have the coordinates on the photo, Flickr will plot 'em on a map, but I could be thinking of another service. Regardless, I think it'll handle what you need.

    Here are a few helpful links -
    Nokia N95 8GB
    Nokia Sports Tracker - In beta, really cool app that tracks your routes and lets you upload 'em. - Here's a description stolen from another forum:
    This app is amazing...for anyone into outdoor exercising. Walking, jogging, riding and any other distance sport can be tracked. This app tracks everything from distance, # of steps, point of highest altitude, point of lowest altitude, fastest point, slowest point, and any GPS tagged images taken along the way. A must for anyone who likes hikes, riding or jogging.

    Location Tagger - tags photos w/ coordinates.

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