Age of Conan Key Missing from Manual Booklet

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So i ran out and picked up a Collector's Edition copy of AoC from Future Shop today. Ripping into the new box, imagine my surprise when i look at the back of the game manual booklet to find the Authentication Key box blank.

That's right, my game manual does not have a key in it, is there someplace else where it could be? Has anyone else run into this?

Help Please!

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    if only there was a thread filled with people who just got the game...

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    Go back to Future Shop with everything you purchased including reciept. Show them the faulty game manual.

    They should let you swap it out assuming they have more copies of the CE. Normally they don't do that sort of thing because of the keys, but this is a unique situation.

    And yeah, AoC thread is -->

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    I see no problem with letting someone start a thread about a serious problem. I mean come on, wow has a jillion simultaneous threads. The other one is just general discussion anyway. We can dedicate this one to technical/account issues or something.

    Don't be a dick.

    As for the issue, I honestly don't know. Try e-mailing customer support and finding out what they can do for you. http://register.ageofconan.com probably has a support link somewhere. They will likely require photographic proof or something (but I don't honestly know, just an assumption)

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    man that sucks

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