PA Game Hardware Problems

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Hey guys,

New to the boards. Figured this would be the place to go for a solution to the problem I'm having. Huge PA fan, could not wait for the game. But I've been having problems ever since I started playing it. I have an IBM Thinkpad Z61P and an Acer monitor I recently bought to play games and watch movies at a decent size on. This seems to be where the problem is: my laptop is having trouble transferring the image to the second monitor I guess? The weird thing is the game runs fine for fifteen to thirty minutes every time and then the game and my laptop crash and my monitor reads something like: "Invalid Input" or "No Input". I haven't played the game terribly long on my laptop monitor, but it doesn't seem to get the same problem.

Can anybody help me out? It would be a shame to be forced to play a game this gorgeous on my tiny laptop monitor.

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