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South Korea and european availability?

jawolfjawolf Registered User new member
edited May 2008 in Penny Arcade Games
Hey guys. I'm in the AF serving in South Korea. Tried getting the game through XBL, but it says it's not available in my area. Any idea when it will be released here? I've tried messing with my account's settings to reflect my home address stateside, but no go. And I don't feel like going through any IP redirecting sites, as the only ones I've seen are pay only.

Is the game available through XBL UK? I'll be moving to England in July.

Can't wait to play!

jawolf on


  • aetiusaetius Registered User regular
    edited May 2008
    HotHead is working on it, but it's a Microsoft thing, so they don't have direct control over it.

    aetius on
  • jawolfjawolf Registered User new member
    edited May 2008
    I figured as much and went ahead and sent a complaint in to MS. Not sure if it will do anything but fall on deaf ears, but it gives me peace of mind that I tried to do something to help the cause.

    It's not just PA though, there's quite a bit of other content that I've been denied access to due to my location. If I'm a paying customer, why should it matter?

    jawolf on
  • HH JoelHH Joel Registered User regular
    edited May 2008
    To clarify, our expectation is that on Xbox LIVE Arcade the game is available everywhere in the world except Korea.

    If anyone outside of Korea is having problems getting the game on Xbox, let us know and we'll pass it on to Microsoft for investigation.

    As for why it's not available in Korea, that was Microsoft's call and we had no control over that. Sorry. :(


    HH Joel on
  • stebuustebuu Crabs are fucking crazy, and I hate horses Registered User regular
    edited May 2008
    So what does Microsoft have against kimchi?

    stebuu on
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