necrowombicon! i totally lol'ed (spoilers?)

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so who here was one of the like 40-50 people who actually made it to the first necrowombicon? and who thought it was totally hilarious that they used that name as a parody of the necronimicon?

For those that don't know a sireies of PA events were held years before pax, these events were know as necrowombiCON. The first year was a big group of people shearing a meal and a going to game works, later years it became a huge Lan party.

Any cool memories from the first PA event at ?

I will share mine,

Talking to Jerry about the Odyssey and the school paper I was writing about video games.

Latter heckling Jerry about playing sega bass fishing.

The announcer of the racing game pointing out any PA members and waring other players of our killer skills!

seeing the necrowombicon in rain slick brought back these wonderful memories. thanks guys for putting that in there.

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    The NecrowombiCON was named after the book from these two earlier strips:


    It looks like it has an image of a wombat thing on the cover. Don't let it fool you.

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