This game (and Phil Foglio)

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I just wanted to say that this game is pretty awesome overall. It seems like a surprising amount of work went into it, and I can't wait to see the evolution of the series.

The choice of setting is also quite interesting. While the style of humor is a bit differant, it reminded me quite a bit of Phil Foglio's work on "Girl Genius" (and to a lesser extent Xxxenophile). Some day the Penny Arcade team might consider seeing if they could contact him and maybe work on some kind of collaberation project, like a full fledged tongue-in-cheek steampunk RPG/Adventure game hybrid with a suitably long length (like 40-80 hours play time on average).

Just one of those fanboy things, but I just thought I'd mention I was fairly impressed, and got me to take another look at Penny Arcade (the site/comics) from a differant perspective.

Also the comparison to Phil Foglio is meant as a compliment, I'm a bit of a fan of his work.


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