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How screwed am I? GPU\PSU clusterfuck

CmdPromptCmdPrompt Registered User regular
Alright, there is a long and probably stupid chain of events on my part, I could use some help in figuring out what I should do next.

1. I order a new computer, everything is working fine for a while.
2. I open my case, tie down some cables, move shit around a bit.
3. I plug everything back in, and nothing happens when I turn the power on. I figure this has to be a PSU problem, and send it back.
4. My previous plan was to sell this computer to someone thats interested in it, then build a cheaper one, so I go ahead and order another PSU to tide me over.
5. I get the PSU, install it, turn it on, and theres a high-pitched whining noise. I go D:, and switch the PSU off.
6. I replug in stuff, turn it back on, and figure out its my graphics card thats making the whining noise.
7. Inspecting the PCIe power connector, I notice one of the plug-ins looks a little blackened, so I plug in the other PCIe connector and turn it on.
8. This time everything starts, but my CPU fan isn't turning, it sounds like my graphics card fan is at full power, and nothings happening on my display.
9. I take out everything, inspect the card for any visible damage (there is none), and replug everything in again.
10. I turn the computer on, and the PCIe power cord begins smoking as one of the wires has begun to melt everything around it. I go D:D:D:, and switch the PSU off.

So at this point I'm pretty sure I have a fried graphics card and for sure have a fucked up PCIe power cord.
My questions are:
1. Would it be safe to see if I can just get another PCIe cord for the PSU, rather than shipping the whole thing back? The cord is modular and there isn't any visible damage on the PSU itself.
2. Is this sort of shit covered under warranty, for both the card and the PSU? Is there going to be any problems with RMA'ing them both through Newegg? I've sent in a mail in rebate for the card if that affects anything.

Here is the card and PSU in question. Any advice would be useful.

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  • .kbf?.kbf? Registered User
    edited June 2008
    based on past experiences with newegg I'd say you're fine as far as RMAing goes. I had a motherboard that was fried a month after I bought it and they had no problem doing a return for refund. Just give a detailed explanation and you should be all set.

    edit: I don't know if this is possible but was the PCIe power connector an 8 pin? The 8 pin motherboard power looks very similar and I suppose a mix up (yes the motherboard power fits in the PCIe slot, at least it did on my GX2) could have fried it. Normally computers are very forgiving with things like that but you might have just gotten unlucky... or it could have been something else completely.

    .kbf? on
  • CmdPromptCmdPrompt Registered User regular
    edited June 2008
    Nah, it was a 4-pin.

    I just went ahead and applied for an RMA on both. I just hope I don't learn my mobo or something else is fried later, since my CPU fan didn't start. D:

    CmdPrompt on
  • .kbf?.kbf? Registered User
    edited June 2008
    I would guess that it initially WAS a power supply problem. The old power supply went and probably took you GPU with it. If I was in your shoes I would definitely start checking all my components for damage although if something besides you GPU did get damaged chances are its the motherboard. When your new parts arrive and you still have issues check to see if the RAM and CPU are OK by putting them in a different PC and making sure everything is fine(MEMtest, prime95, etc) and if they are then RMA your mobo.

    .kbf? on
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