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[Score on?] Williams Pinball Collection PSP

TeevirusTeevirus Registered User
edited June 2008 in Games and Technology
I picked this up the other day for my PSP. I love me some pinball, but the first Pinball Collection (Gottlieb or something?) sucked ass.

This one, however, is different in the important not-being-shitty sort of way.

I've tried to join online multiplayer games, and I think I'm the only one who bought the fucking thing. If anyone wants to prove me wrong, we should get a highscore competition going?

I've been geekin' on the Pinbot table, and my high score is 2,400,000 points.

If you've got this game and don't dig Pinbot, pick another table and we'll get out friendly contest on.

I'm going to bed, as it's almost 3am, but I'll see if there's any interest in the morning.

Teevirus on
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