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New DM, need some help making campaign

ParakirbyParakirby Registered User regular
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So I started DMing for my friends after a common friend bombed at it. I DMed a couple of adventures, encouraging the players to roleplay out moves and to interact with their environment more, despite their persistence that they should just do generic combat moves.

In any case, this happened at the end of Freshman year of college. Now I'm going into my Sophomore year in August and not only the players are changing (One's changing colleges and two are joining in), I'm expected to come up with an entire world in that time.

So far I've got the premise, a world that was frightened into believing magic would destroy the planet via a prophecy straight from a goddess. But in reality the goddess is being forced to relay this false message by a more powerful god, who is attempting to throw the world into chaos and destruction. The players receive this information by a small, trickster god, and now I have to come up with various adventure ideas from levels 1 - ??.

I've already started drawing up plans for the ruins of a crashed ancient floating city, which would be good for a couple of weeks...

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