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[D&D 4E - IC] Free City of Himyr: The Arrival

InfidelInfidel HereticRegistered User regular
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Free City of Himyr
A 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

This is the In Character thread - OOC thread here

Posting Guidelines
  1. All posts should be in third person.
  2. Disable your signature for posts in the IC thread.
  3. Jam Posts (working with another player or few, making one larger post) are encouraged as they result in awesome narratives.
  4. Actions in a spoiler tag at the end of your post. Be explicit please, and list the type of action. (Standard, Move, etc.)
  5. Dice rolls in the thread will be done via invisiblecastle, please use "Himyr" for the campaign name and your character's first name for the rolls.
  6. Post regularly, the campaign is not just the chat game, you must also contribute to the IC thread.

  1. The Arrival (link)

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  • InfidelInfidel Heretic Registered User regular
    edited June 2008
    Chapter I - The Arrival

    The ship rolls and sways with the steady but powerful churning of the sea. The bow cutting through the sprays is rhythmic, the waves against the wooden flanks muffled to the cabin. The day's light shines still but is on the decline -- the captain insists that they will arrive before dusk.

    Our heroes ride out the journey mainly below deck, having better shelter and accommodations over the four day trip than the other commoners are managing. Discussing plans of action upon their arrival, the group gathers about a mess table bolted securely to the floor. The group aside from Bleezmoth that is, the dour and hairy figure seated at another table and bearing over it, a disturbed chuckling as he carves something with his knife.

    "... getting out of the port might be a problem. Place this big is bound to have tight sec'. Probably going to need some kind of visas to get inside." Callum stretches his arms out. "I'm thinking we could try and get in the fun way as well."

    Zho grinned mischievously, elbows on the table with her hands coming up to clasp her engraved staff. She rested her chin on top of the hands, feeling the cool wood against her cheek. "That suits me just fine."

    Imnon flashes a look from across the table. "I don't think it's necessary for us to be underhanded. Besides, if we intend to stay here for a while, we would be best served to do so legitimately." He turns to Celtis who sits quietly, arms folded. "What do you think? You would agree, yes?"

    "There will be time enough for fun later," he responds dismissively. Bleezmoth cackles across the way, obviously pleased with his handiwork.

    A raised voice is heard above deck, and a few moments later a deckhand appears down the steps to the cabin.

    "The captn' say we be two 'ours from port, best gather yourselfs."

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  • tastydonutstastydonuts Registered User regular
    edited June 2008
    "Not necessary? Sounds like you want us to just walk up to the captain of the guard and ask." Callum finishes his stretch and looks at the deckhand, before turning his attentions back to the group. "I can see it now:"

    He clears his throat and speaks in a gruff way. "State your business!"

    He then speaks normally, in reply to his feigned port authority. "We are but humble adventurers, seeking to provide our varied talents and expertise to the fine citizens 'yond those fair walls."

    "Impressive! Why, it just so happens that we have room and board and jobs waiting for a group just like yours. Step this way!"

    Callum shakes his head. "Sehanine knows that nowhere in life are things that simple. If we do ask, we'd better be sure to ask... nicely."

    tastydonuts on
    “I used to draw, hard to admit that I used to draw...”
  • AvicusAvicus Registered User regular
    edited June 2008
    Imnom shakes his head with a chuckle. "I do not see why they would not let a group of travelers in to the city. I would think that the townspeople would be very angry at the guards not letting anyone in to come and spend their money at all the fine establishments. And if security is tight we can always offer assistance in any matter necessary to gain entry."

    Avicus on
  • tastydonutstastydonuts Registered User regular
    edited June 2008
    "I don't know if you've ever really thought about this, but once you started carrying that sword of yours around you kind of crossed the line 'tween being a normal person entering a town and not."

    Callum looks over at the others, Bleezmoth in particular. Of all of them he might understand that line the most. His mind drifts back to the stares he while traveling when he was younger with his parent's company. They lived in a different world.

    "But, maybe it's different in a big place like this. Can't say for sure until we get there, right?" He paces the room, his steps matching the churning motion of the ship. Gods, he hated boats. "Offering assistance... that could be a good angle to play. What do you guys think?"

    tastydonuts on
    “I used to draw, hard to admit that I used to draw...”
  • FrosteeyFrosteey Elaise 1521-2945-8940Registered User regular
    edited June 2008
    While he had quickly grown accustomed to the constant bickering of the group, Celtis had had his fill for the voyage, and found the sway of the sea to be a poor mix with the harsh air provided by his companions. With a final swipe at the dull red marking on his left gauntlet, Celtis set out in search of a lighter atmosphere and, hopefully, the productive conversation which had so far eluded his ears.
    Super serious streetwise roll, to learn anything about entry to the city (methods, costs, any other opportunities/risks/THINGS)!


    If I can't do some streetwise goodness, I'll just wander around in a doubly saddened mood.

    Frosteey on
  • InfidelInfidel Heretic Registered User regular
    edited June 2008
    On the deck above the atmosphere was not any lighter. Among the travelers most appeared to be refugees, Celtis didn't suspect they had any possessions aside from what was in plain sight and meager they were. The captain was not apparent, his mate at the wheel as they sailed closer to their destination.

    The sailors were in decent spirits, chatting quietly about their intentions upon reaching port. Pretty typical intentions at that, but Celtis gets the impression that they will be at least a couple days at land.

    Striding up to the side of the ship Celtis leans his arms on the wooden railing, a fine mist of spray making him damp and the air a little soothing. Close now to the refugees he listens for any discussion, but does not glean much. One man speaks to another about how Himyr is told to be running over with refugees and he expects to be weeks before he is sorted through. The other man offers that "at least outside the great walls of Himyr is safer than inside them back home."

    Infidel on
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  • tastydonutstastydonuts Registered User regular
    edited June 2008
    Having really failed to come up with a surefire way to get beyond the city gates, Callum left the cabin and went on deck. He'd managed to keep his food down all this time, he need only make it few more hours. Solid, stable ground....At this point it felt like a luxury.

    If it weren't for the constant up and down motion, the scenery may just have looked majestic. His thoughts were interrupted by the look of the sailor who just walked by. He face was a sickly pale for somebody whose lifestyle would make seasickness an absurdity.

    "We lasted this long..." Callum muttered to himself, fearing the worst. Being swept under by some horror of the deep 2 hours from shore was just as dead as if it were earlier. Keeping cool, he wormed his way through the refugees, noticing Celtis along the way.

    None of the refugees on deck seemed to be worried about this guy. This meant whatever the sailor saw was so bad he probably rushed off to find the Captain and tell him. This meant that whatever he saw, there was nothing that could be done to stave off certain destruction. This meant...


    tastydonuts on
    “I used to draw, hard to admit that I used to draw...”
  • VoraciousAardvarkVoraciousAardvark Registered User regular
    edited June 2008
    Finally looking up from his carving, Bleezmoth realized the constant talking of the humans had subsided as they wandered off one by one. Getting up with a stretch, he gave his carving a final once ever before setting it on the table, and tucked the knife back into one of the many concealed sheaths on his person. Giving a low chuckle and stretching out all the aches, he wandered out onto the deck, to see what all of the commotion was about.

    Leaning up against the wall outside the group's cabin and lighting up his pipe, he took in the cool ocean air. Glancing to his right he noticed a group of sailors approaching and then leaving Natalie, each looking less pleased than the next. That one might have some stories to tell. Returning to his pipe, he noticed a rather seasick looking sailor heading his way. Taking one last sidelong look at the cabin, incase he needed anything, he stretched once more and walked towards the crowd.

    Sniffing the air as the seasick sailor walked by, Bleezmoth looked over at him. "Ho there, care to join me for a bowl'o stew?" The sailor looks noticeably sicker at this, and Bleezmoth scratches his beard, looking a bit puzzled. "I hear tell its fish chowder tonight, if we're lucky chef'll leave in the fish heads!". He lets out a deep chuckle and licks his lips as the sailor makes a sickening noise and runs over to the edge of the ship. "More fer me then!" he pronounces, before letting out a loud cackle and walking away from the sailor.

    Moving toward the edge of the crowd, he sits down near a few travelers on a wide bench. Wondering what tales Himyr had in store for him, he filtered through his pockets, toying with each of the different trinkets, tools and mementos found within, before pulling out several of them and setting them on the bench so as to look over each before placing it into a new pocket that it might call home. Two of the travelers near by, Human males, walk up to him in curiosity.

    "Thats an odd assortment of trinkets you have there, dwarf."

    "Aye" Bleezmoth nods while blowing out a puff of smoke from his pipe.

    The second of the two men looks interested as his eyes widen. "I bet each of those has a story of some grand adventure with it!"

    "Aye" Bleezmoth nods again, while placing a piece of colored glass into his pockets.

    "Well, aren't you going to tell us about some of them?"

    Bleezmoth looks up, as if startled by this. "Why would I go an do a thing like that? Does this look like story time to you? I'm doin valuable cleaning an inventory here. Durn fool humans."

    The men both looked shocked at this. "We were just curious, you didn't have to be so rude."

    "Bleezmoth looks up, the last item in his hand, a frayed piece of rope. "I didn't? Lordy me. Well here, I'll tell you the magical tale of adventure and romance behind this here piece of rope." "It was about three years ba.." he starts as one of the humans cuts in.

    "Rope? Really, that doesn't sound like it would be very int.." The man is cut off as Bleezmoth kicks him square in the knee.

    Bleezmoth gives the man an annoyed look before continuing as the man seems to double over in pain.

    "Where was I? Oh yeah, about three years back, while you two were still sucking on your mama's teat or somethin, I was hired to forge a way into Dvoran Keep for some goody twoshoes party of adventures or other, looking for some relic, guarded by some dead things, blah blah blah. Anyways. We had been slowly but surely loosing men to dangers of the keep that we should have been aware of, traps that I disarmed, pits that I pointed out. As it turns out, the wizard of the group, tiny little spindly finger wagging flower picker of a thing, had been betraying the group all along. The leader, some paladin sod, had decided that we would confront him about it." He turns and spits on the deck at this point, before taking another long draw of the pipe.

    The uninjured man looks vastly more interested now. "So you took him back to town and tried him for it?"

    Bleezmoth starts to talk again before looking at the man as if he had a third eye. "We what? No, thats nonsense. We were scaling one of the inner walls, and while the wizard, the last one up the rope was climbing, I just cut it. Oh, you should have seen him scream like a little girl while he fell." he says, letting out a deep cackle. "Oh he waved his fingers around, and screamed out something that I didn't hear, but he made a real nice noise when he hit bottom. Turn him in, thats rich." Bleezmoth lets outs a deep roar of laughter, with a bit of spittle mixed in.

    "You.. you killed him?" asks the first man again, rubbing his wounded knee.

    "Hey, you kill us, we kill you back. Fairs fair you know. Though, as it turns out, the alter boy DID want to turn him in to the authorities. Might have helped if they had told me that. Hmm. Maybe thats why they never hired me again, bad communication and all?" Bleezmoth packs up the rope and dusts himself off, forcing his way between the two horrified looking men, before looking back.

    "Whats wrong girls, ye got yer story, dinna ya?" Letting out a low grumble "Stupid humans."

    He turns once more on his feet as his stomach lets out a loud rumble. "Hmm, I wonder if there really is chowder down below decks?"

    VoraciousAardvark on
  • InfidelInfidel Heretic Registered User regular
    edited June 2008
    <Natalie> Natalie clicked her fingernails against the railing as another stepped up next to her.
    <Infidel> Below her the sea lapped at the ship's bulge. The man next to her hesitated a moment.
    <callum> "Natalie." Callum sighs, somewhat relieved that it was only her, rather than some horror of the deep that terrified the sailor he'd saw previously. But then again, if it wasn't the case it's not like Natalie would be spooked by it.
    <callum> "So... enjoying the scenery?"
    <Zho> Zho emerges from beneath the decks, looking slightly grump as she strolls towards the front of the ship.
    <Infidel> The sailor turned at Callum's call, startled and losing his nerve at another man with the gall to approach Natalie incoming.
    <Natalie> "Quite, actually. There's something to be said for the uncharted terrestrial lands... but something about open water truly speaks of terrors from the deep."
    <Infidel> He 'casually' meandered past Natalie and Callum, continuing along the deck.
    <Natalie> "An unknowable expanse. A warning of things to come, worse, from the expanse between stars."
    <callum> "Yeah... I figured as much." Callum had a feeling where this was going "You know some people like to believe that maybe, just maybe there isn't some horrible fate waiting for them around any and every corner."
    <Infidel> Those looking to the aft see the captain of the Fleeting Heart now at the wheel, a dragonborn of an age hard to discern, as not uncommon for his kind.
    <Natalie> Natalie shrugs.
    <Natalie> "Wishing it wasn't so won't stop it from happening."
    <Infidel> His facial scales bristle wide, giving him the appearance of one constantly grinning. His first mate takes his leave to the cabin.
    <Zho> Zho glances overboard. "Terrors from the deep aren't too bad. I've met a few."
    <callum> "Oh?" Callum leans heavily against the rail, his back facing the sea.
    <Natalie> "Any of the... what was it he said. Fishmen? Fishmen the sailor mentioned, or their shark god?"
    <Zho> "Some sort of fishmen. My parents made quite a profit from their white-gold weapons... and their skins."
    <Natalie> "Skins? Truly? What were their skins, to be sold like wool?"
    <Zho> "Scales, glittering like the rainbows of the deeps. They were quite pretty, although the bodies weren't." Zho smiles.
    <callum> "Well, exposed meat is never really all that pretty." Callum says with some disdain. "Always messy, and then there's the smell."
    <callum> "How much did those scales fetch?"
    <Natalie> "Hm. I think it would be... interesting... to see such a creature."
    <Zho> "I'm not sure, my parents took care of the... business transactions."
    <Infidel> While taking a glance about the decks, Zho and Celtis notice two sailors coming up to the captain, discussing hurriedly.
    <Infidel> The captain scowls, and waves off on of the men.
    <Zho> Zho frowns. "Shit. Captain's frowning, means bad news. 'Scuse me." She stands up, headed towrads the captain.
    <Natalie> Natalie clicks her nails against the railing.
    <callum> "Huh?" Callum looks over at Natalie, then watches Zho head off.
    <Infidel> The one man heads to the mainmast and ascends the webbing.
    <Bleezmoth> Bleezmoth walks up onto the deck, picking food out of his teeth with a thin dagger, letting out a loud belch.
    <Infidel> The other man heads to the crew cabin, a no-nonsense demeanour on his face.
    <Celtis> Celtis breaks off from the small crowd on deck
    <Zho> Zho approaches the captain, frowning slightly. "'What's the fuckin' problem, Cap?"
    <Infidel> At the front of the ship, refugees and other passengers still congregate, a couple sailors among them.
    <Celtis> Tailing the first seaman, he approaches the main mast and keeps an eye on his activities up above
    <callum> "So, sea monster? pirate? return of the old gods?"
    <Infidel> The draconic man turns with a show of mock offense. "Nothing you need worry your pretty little head about, my dear."
    <Natalie> "A thousand times yes. All this... nothing... wears on my nerves."
    <Infidel> At the nest of the center mass, the man crawls up into it and grabs a spyglass, scanning aft.
    <Zho> Zho glares, clenching her staff in her fist. "Aye, Cap'n, and you'll be missing out on the aid of us'all, then." Zho turns and walks off.
    <Celtis> Celtis climbs the mast in pursuit of the sailor!
    <Infidel> Two sharp whistles come from above. The captain scowls again as the sailor up high starts to half-climb half-slide down the ropes.
    <callum> "Nothing, hm. Our definitions of nothing are a little different." Callum smiles, and then turns his attention towards the whistling sound.
    <Celtis> "Trouble, mate?"
    <Bleezmoth> Bleezmoth walks up to the railing, scratching his head and spitting over the edge. "What's with all the damn commotion?"
    <Zho> Zho returns to the side of the boat, looking over the side of the deck, keeping her eye out for trouble.
    <Infidel> Catching the man off guard at the bottom as he lands, he looks flustered. He offers no reply but attempts poorly to compose himself.
    <callum> "Bleez!" Callum calls out to his comrade, as he still hasn't taken a look out into the sea.
    <Celtis> "Come now, you can whistle but you can't speak?"
    <Infidel> "Excuse me," he mutters as he takes a step past Celtis, nodding his head in deference.
    <Celtis> Lackadaisically, Celtis follows the brutish sailor.
    <Celtis> Celtis mutters and frowns as he keeps his distance
    <Infidel> Celtis can hear the words as the sailor approaches the dragonborn. "Jarol was right cap'n." He turned back to the people on the deck, catching Celtis' eyes again.
    <Infidel> The captain beckons another deckhand over and utters something to them, and they proceed down the steps to the main deck and you all.
    <callum> "Bleez!" Callum shifts off of the railing as they approach.
    <Infidel> "The captain asks that you return below deck for the remainder of the journey," speaks the deckhand.
    <Natalie> Natalie turns and looks at the deckhand.
    <Zho> Zho pointedly ignores the captain and the deckhands, continuing to gaze off into the distance. Her fingers tap against her staff, revealing her inner tension.
    <Bleezmoth> "What ye need, boy?"
    <Infidel> "Gather your things please, let's go."
    <Natalie> "Why?"
    <callum> "Nothing yet..." Callum says. "Yes. Why are we going below deck?"
    <Infidel> "Storm's coming, it's for everyone's safety."
    <callum> Callum turns around and looks out over the sea.
    <Bleezmoth> Bleezmoth sniffs the air. "Just smells like wet human to me."
    <Natalie> "Surely... you wouldn't lie to us, would you sailor?"
    <Natalie> Natalie takes a step forward, looking directly at him.
    <Infidel> You see clouds, but nothing particularly menacing, especially not ahead of you.
    <Natalie> "That wouldn't be terribly kind to your passengers. There's nothing else going on... is there?"
    <Infidel> "Shhh shh shhh," the other sailor hushes at Natalie discreetly.
    <Zho> Zho shrugs. "I've been on the sea 'fore, Cap. S'no storm."
    <Infidel> "Don't be worrying the other folk, alright?"
    <Celtis> "Weren't we supposed to be to shore in an hour? How did you miss the storm until now? The winds aren't fast enough to carry the clouds that quickly."
    <callum> It looked like clouds to Callum. Clouds over water. Horribly deep water.
    <Bleezmoth> Looks around "Did you say a snow storm? Awfully warm."
    <Natalie> Natalie shakes her head.
    <Natalie> "After all, we paid for passage. You know that we're capable, and able to solve... unique problems."
    <Natalie> "Perhaps... there might be something we can help with?"
    <Infidel> The man, unsure of what to say, defers back to the captain with a glance.
    <Infidel> The captain sighs and waves Natalie up.
    <callum> "Well, that was surprising." Callum says as the captain waves Natalie on up.
    <Natalie> Natalie tries to keep the immensely self-satisfied grin to a prim smile as she makes her way up to the Captain.
    <Natalie> "Aye?"
    <Infidel> The deckhand shakes his head and passes by you all, heading to another two sailors who are helping to direct those remaining on deck.
    <Infidel> The captain gives a grating snort of amusement at the 'aye' and looks to her.
    <Zho> Zho grumbles slightly, tapping her staff against the railing.
    <Infidel> "If you want to help, get those people below. Or if you know how to man a ship, we could use the hands."
    <Infidel> "I don't suppose you do though."
    <callum> "You ok?" Callum turns his attention to Zho.
    <Zho> "Pissed. Somethin's not right. They're not tellin' us, which means they're involved. Which means... we're in trouble."
    <Natalie> Natalie frowns.
    <Infidel> Men come up briskly from the cabin. Looks like all hands on deck.
    <Natalie> "If it will help, we can try. I don't know that any of us are sailors by trade. But none of us are afraid of a little risk."
    <Bleezmoth> Bleezmoth frowns and wanders into the group cabin.
    <Infidel> Refugees grumble as they make their way down to the hold, one bumping Celtis and quickly apologizing.
    <callum> "Probably. But we can't just rout the crew."
    <Zho> "Nah. I can't sail this thing. Keep peeled, though. Fuckers are up to something."
    <callum> Callum tries to picture Zho at the helm. He puts the thought, and quip aside.
    <callum> "Yea. Something's up."
    <Infidel> Sailors break out over the ship, manning the rigging and cranking up sails. She's going full sail.
    <Infidel> The crowsnest sailor climbs his way back to the top vantage.
    <Celtis> Celtis climbs up after the whistling brute
    <Celtis> As he walks off, Celtis mutters behind him "Well, someone should help down below. This crew certainly hasn't shown a proficiency for dealing with people."
    <callum> "Hmm..." Callum watches the sailors work, and figures this isn't his thing at all. "Well, I've had enough outside for a while. I'll be heading down. Zho, try keep cool."
    <callum> Callum heads below, and checks on the refugees.
    <Zho> Zho nods. "I'll be down if they start fucking shit up. Let you know."
    <callum> "Just don't burn the ship's sails." Callum says, before finally exiting the deck area.
    <Bleezmoth> Bleezmoth heads back up onto the deck, aleskin in hand, pipe in his mouth. "Alright, I'm ready to help, or whatever."
    <Infidel> Callum heads down to the hold along with the majority of the passengers, concerned for these peoples wellbeing what with the shady happenings.
    <Infidel> Natalie stands among the wizzing activity of the deckhands, unaware possibly of the dangers of milling about the deck.
    <Infidel> Watching the sailors, Natalie thinks she gets the gist of it!
    <Natalie> "Oh, you guys pull on ropes. I can do that."
    <callum> Callum looks over the individuals in the hold... maybe there was somebody who needed help, for a small fee.
    <Natalie> Natalie goes up to one of the sailors pulling on a rope, grabs the rope behind him, and pulls as hard as she can.
    <Infidel> Looking about the hold, it's dim but lit with several lanterns. Many people are crowded in here, perhaps a few dozen, and several sailors mill about. They seem to be tending to questions and requests, but nothing is said about why they have been brought below deck. A few of the passengers look worse for wear, although probably from before the voyage began.
    <Infidel> Natalie comes up behind a sailor undoing one of the rigging ropes, one she recognizes. He shows a moment of panic before realizing that she's trying to help, taking the rope from him. Worry disappates as she astonishes him, helping the sailor to hoist the sail halfway the mizzenmast.
    <Zho> Zho watches the scene carefully, noting where the sailors are going and what they're doing. Luckily she knows something about ships, or she'd be completely lost.
    <Infidel> The sailors hurry about their duty, Zho getting momentarily lost in a flashback of her youth.
    <Bleezmoth> Bleezmoth surveys the scene, and hoping to not get trampled the movement towards the hold, he scrambles up the netting. Getting a better lay of the deck from above, he try's to lend some muscle to the sailors working in the rigging.
    <Infidel> A pulley jams as men raise the sails, but Bleezmoth scurries with his usual speed up the netting to it, tugging the kink out of the rope before clambering up further.
    <Infidel> There's a blotch in the distance off the aft of the ship.
    <Celtis> Glancing over at the whistling brute from before, Celtis imitates whatever it is he's doing.
    <Bleezmoth> Bleezmoth yells down to the deck "Theres something on the horizon headed this way!"
    <Celtis> Celtis elbows the jerk in the back, prodding him for suggestions.
    <Infidel> Celtis makes way up to the crowsnest behind the whistler, failing to slip or fall to the deck below, and spots the blotch as Bleez shouts out about it.
    <Infidel> There are five sailors still around, apparently trying to calm the passengers.
    <callum> Unable to find any profitable injuries, Callum turns his attention towards gathering information. "So, what exactly is going on?" Callum whispers to the nearest one.
    <Infidel> The man sizes Callum up and decides he isn't going to be easily placated. In a hushed voice he speaks, "We're being chased, but we need to keep people calm, so don't make things hectic alright?"
    <Zho> Zho hears Bleezmoth's shout, and turns to one of the sailors, gripping his arm. "IThere's somethin' on your trail, and you're leaving yer most capable fighters out of the loop? We can help, if you let us."
    <Natalie> Gripping the rope, Natalie braces against the deck, trying to emulate the actions she sees around the boat.
    <Infidel> With a stern resolve, the captain barks at Zho. "Fine, right you may be and fighters you are, but I intend to outrun it first."
    <Infidel> Shouting out further commands to the crew, the sails are nearly full raised.
    <Infidel> A couple sailors smile, half-laughing as they watch Natalie do her best to bear the weight of the main spar along with another.
    <Bleezmoth> Bleezmoth ancors his feet into the rigging to gain a more secure hold, and pulling with all of his might, attempts to pull the sails all the way into place, with a strength the human sailors may not be capable of. "Hurry ye up below, there's something coming, you nitwits!"
    <Celtis> Celtis checks if there's anything in needs of fastening in the upper reaches of the ship
    <Infidel> Celtis finds little of chores at this height. The peering man drops the looking glass from his face and shouts below at the captain. "It's closing!"
    <Infidel> Below deck, one surly looking human in meager clothing is raising his voice bit by bit, attacting Callum's attention.
    <callum> Callum walks over to the surly man. "You need something?" He asks.
    <Infidel> "Wuts going on? Somethin' bad eh?"
    <callum> "No, nothing special. Just an impromptu race. They do that sometimes... everything is fine."
    <Infidel> "Uh, yeah..." the sailor picks up. "Just a practice run, a drill. It's not safe for you all up on deck, what with ropes and rigging and uh, you know."
    <Zho> Zho sighs, leaning closer to the sailor she's speaking with, her voice taking on a bit of a threatening tone. "What the fuck IS that out there? It's getting closer, an' if shit goes down I want to know what I'm fighting.
    <Natalie> Feeling pretty secure with the ropes, Natalie tries to secure a one that looks loose.
    <Infidel> The sailor pales with admitting it. "It's Horntooth!" he slips in a muted voice. "Oh Avandra, what is he doing out here so soon in the season??"
    <Bleezmoth> Bleezmoth glances around for a moment, spotting a sailor close to him with a spyglass hanging from his belt, he reaches over trying to snag it to get a better look at what's approaching.
    <Infidel> Natalie manages to bring the rope about the anchor, and with the help of another hand it is tied and secured. It's almost as if Natalie is possessed, or maybe it is just another hidden talent of this confusing lady.
    <Infidel> Snatching the spyglass deftly as the sailor climbs past, Bleez latches onto the netting with one arm while using the other to bring up the tool, taking a better look for that splotch.
    <Celtis> Climbing down slightly from his perch, Celtis attempts to secure the sails to the main mast.
    <Infidel> The sails blow full as Celtis and Natalie help the rest of the sailors tie and secure the rigging.
    <Infidel> Peering through, Bleez zooms in on the splotch. Skimming the water, scaley wings beat fiercely in a heavy rhythm.
    <Natalie> "See?" Natalie said, wiping the sweat from her brow. "That was *much* easier than the bear."
    <Bleezmoth> Bleezmoth yells down at Natalie "It was a wolf, rocks for brains!" Snorting, he peers through the glass again. "Also, there's some winged devil dragon thing flying this way, just though ye should know. Maybe it's a flying bear."
    <Infidel> The spotter whistles sharply, and shouts down as loud as he can. "It's still closing!"
    <Natalie> "Where? I don't see anything."
    <Bleezmoth> Bleez shouts down as well "Yeah, the Devil Whale-Dragon-Bear-Thing is still closing!"
    <Zho> Zho moves to the rear of the ship. "Get the others! We need to stop it!"
    <Celtis> "It's probably tracking us by that damned whistle..."
    <Infidel> Callum is oblivious to the commotion above as shouting and sailors rush about the deck.
    <Natalie> "Um... Beezle? Which way did you say it ways?" Natalie looks to port, trying to spot the bear.
    <Infidel> The captain stands strong, making for port as quick as he can take it.

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    Zho: "At leas' it's a dragon and not a fuckin' bear this time. Let's fuckin' GO!"
    Natalie: "Do you think it's friendly?"
    DM: The captain shouts out over the deck for all to heed. "Anyone not making this ship go faster needs to be keeping ol' Horntooth off my back, got it?"
    Imnon: "Stay back Zho, let us males handle this"
    Natalie: Natalie shoots Imnon a withering look.
    DM: He turns into a stare at Zho, sizing her up. "If you think you're handy, have at it."
    Zho: Zho glares at Imnon. "You want to fuckin' say that to my gods-damned face?"
    Callum: Callum looks over the people, staring at the people as the boat continues along its way. "This can't be over soon enough." He says.
    Imnon: "I was just trying to be chivalrous ma'am no offense given"
    Natalie: "Look on the bright side. The dragon will probably obliterate the boat before we're close enough to attack. With any luck, most of us will drown before we're eaten."
    Celtis: Letting out a disappointed sigh, Celtis sets his halberd into the floor and puts on a pair of worn leather gloves
    Natalie: "Oooh! He's getting closer!"
    Zho: "Offense is taken, you bastar'." Zho turns away from Imnon and points her staff at the onrushing dragon, her eyes filled with fire and rage.
    Natalie: "...she? How does one determine the sex of a dragon?"
    DM: "He's just toying with us, hunting, for sport," grumbles Arkas. "But make no mistake, he'll kill you if we don't watch ourselves, and he's almost sunken this rig twice barely getting to port."
    Imnon: "What? He has attacked you before. I think you probably sohuld have warned us of this"
    DM: "Travel can be risky, sir, as we all know."
    DM: He grins, cheeks bristling. "Do not worry, we've made escape like this before..."
    DM: Celtis thinks to himself that Horntooth seems like a male name. But then again, that's probably what the people gave it, eh?
    Bleezmoth: Bleezmoth sits dead still in the crow's nest, weapon in hand, watching the beast advance.
    Natalie: "Hm. Is there anyone else that can help with this? Maybe... someone with a ballista?"
    Imnon: Imnon draws his weapon as the dragon approaches
    Zho: "D'you have anything t'hol' the bitch off?"
    DM: Bleezmoth and Celtis look on as the beast skims closer, nearly within range of the ship, and the lookout calls out to below. "Here he comes, capn'!"
    Zho: Zho takes position at the rear of the ship, grinning like a madwoman
    Imnon: Imnon moves towards the dragon preparing to defend the ship and its occupants
    Natalie: "Zho - do you know how to swim?"
    Zho: "I grew up on a boat. 'Course I do!"
    Natalie: "Oh."
    Natalie: "I don't."
    Zho: "I'll teach ya' after."
    Imnon: "Don't worry Natalie, at least you're not wearing heavy armor that will take you straight to the bottom of the sea"
    Zho: Zho nods. "If we look like we goin' ta sink, get rid of the rags."
    Natalie: Natalie squares her shoulders, and holds forth her rod. "Here it comes."
    DM: Horntooth slips up behind the Fleeting Heart, and Celtis watches it disappear from his sight a brief moment after Zho and Natalie unleash their magics.
    DM: Radiant beams of light and frost dance over Horntooth but it does not appear to be phased.
    Natalie: Natalie mutters a vile oath that leaves your ears ringing.
    Zho: Zho swears even more ferociously.
    DM: Horntooth continues on a collision course for the ship, and before either of them can react cuts straight vertical sharply.
    DM: The dragon crests the railing, it's scaled belly tearing at the back of the ship, splinters flying.
    DM: Those unfortunates at the aft deck are shaken by the abrupt assault.
    DM: The boat lists from side to side as the beast makes impact. Those on the deck attempt to retain their footing, while the cries of the passengers in the hold can be heard.
    DM: Zho is knocked backwards, ass slamming the deck.
    DM: Callum, it feels like the ship was just hit by another <i>ship</i>. The refugees are in a panic, and the sailors are meagerly trying to contain order.
    Callum: "And I doubt we'll get paid for this..." Callum mutters to himself as the boat is rocked.
    DM: Two of the sailors at the bow lose their footing, the woman clinging to the railing to not go overboard.
    Natalie: Natalie blinks up at the vast expanse of blue sky.
    Imnon: Imnon decides it would be better to try and save the deckhand than to attack the dragon
    DM: The dragon crests the railing, driving skyward still.
    DM: The woman crawls up Imnon's arm with his assistance, nodding with a curt smile.
    Imnon: Imnon now decides its time to head towards his stunned allies
    DM: The captain shakes his head, stunned by the close assault on his ship, the wheel running free from his grip as the ship rocks.
    DM: His first mate clings to whatever he can, just trying to remain standing.
    DM: The woman heads to the front of the ship and retrieves a crossbow that was latched in place.
    DM: The sailor next to her rises, going for the other crossbow.
    DM: One sailor heads below as another starts to climb the rigging of the aft mast.
    Celtis: Celtis slides down the main mast
    Callum: "Ok, everybody stay calm. I'm going to go up there and see what I can do to fix this." Callum says as he runs towards the door. "Oh, while I'm gone... be sure to get together any contributions that you feel would be appropriate given this... predicament."
    Callum: Callum looks around to see what the fuss is all about.
    Bleezmoth: Bleezmoth perches near the edge of the crows nest, sword in hand, eying the dragon and the chaos below on the deck. As time seems to slow down, he glances over each of the knicks and dents on his blade, recalling past battles. As the sea wind blows in his face, he comes back to reality and tightens his grip on his sword while grabbing a rigging line with his free hand, waiting, hoping for the beast to pass near him.
    Callum: Callum looks to see the situation unfolding, and wonders why Zho and Natalie look razzled.
    DM: Horntooth darts straight up, and with the single beating of his wings holds his position as he arches his neck forward to look upon his latest prey.
    Callum: He resists the urge to scream "Look like this is natural, as the Dragon darts up.
    DM: With a chilling screech he angles forwards, spreading his wings.
    DM: The dragon swoops towards the crows nest, and the sailor looks up from retrieving his weapon just in time to see Horntooth bearing down on him. Two clawed hands grasp for him, catching flesh and drawing blood. The lookout cries out in pain as he's lifted from the nest.
    Bleezmoth: Waiting as the dragon passes, holding out till the last moment, Bleezmoth breaks into a frenzied action, kicking off the back of the crows nest out towards the beast, sword in hand, lunging in to strike.
    Bleezmoth: Catching hold with his attack, Bleezmoth grabs a dagger from his bandolier, and stabs downwards, while stilling clinging to it with his shortsword.
    Bleezmoth: Arching back and striking with all his might, Bleezmoth digs the dagger in as deeply as possible, finding purchase in the dragon's scales. Holding onto the beast by the handles of two weapons, Bleezmoth looks down to the deck, suddenly realizing just how precariously he's perched.
    Bleezmoth: Letting go of his off hand dagger for a moment, Bleezmoth fingers another dagger out of his bandolier and sets it between his teeth, dropping the rope at the same time so as not to get pulled off towards the ship. Dagger firmly in place for easy reach, he grabs back onto his handhold.
    DM: Those below gape in disbelief as they witness Horntooth snatching up one man while a dwarf lunges into the side of the beast, dangling many feet over the deck.
    Imnon: Imnon prepares his greatsword for when the dragon swoops next
    DM: The lookout beats at the dragon's arm with a clenched fist, crying in pain and anger as Horntooth bucks about. The beast is visible irritated. The captain wrestles with the wheel to keep the ship on course as the first mate yells out. "Ready those crossbows, men!"
    DM: Bleezmoth hears the distinct signature of bolt fire singing past him as the woman aims at Horntooth.
    Bleezmoth: "Watch it down there dammit!"
    DM: The man reaching for the other crossbow in a panic brings it to bear but before he does he accidently unleashes the bolt overboard.
    DM: The sailor at the aft mast climbs the rigging, sword in his teeth.
    Celtis: Seeing his foolish dwarf buddy and hated rival Whistling Pirate entangled with the dragon, Celtis abandons his thoughts of helping the captain and ascends the main mast.
    Callum: "You know, Natalie... for someone who's bent on death you seem a touch, afraid." Callum says pulls out his crossbow. "Get it together. Wouldn't want to think you're some kind of civilian..."
    DM: Bleez hears another bolt whistle by him as Callum raises his crossbow in an attempt to assist.
    Natalie: "Excellent shot, Callum. Exactly what I'd expect from someone of your... abilities."
    Natalie: "Do try a little harder to hit the dwarf next time."
    Callum: Callum smiles. "That's better. Now put that sass into the fight. I can't reach them."
    Bleezmoth: Bleezmoth stops in mid strike, dagger held in the air. "Next person to nearly hit me gets a dagger in the face, watch it!"
    Bleezmoth: Sword still in hand, Bleezmoth lets go of his dagger handle long enough to grab the blade from his teeth, and slide it into the dragon's exposed side, hoping to tear a bit more flesh away.
    Bleezmoth: Sinking another dagger home, Bleezmoth seeminly scales the Dragon by creating a series of handholds. Holding tight between the beast's wings, he draws yet another dagger from his seeminly endless supply and fits it in his teeth for easy claim.
    DM: Horntooth shrieks as another dagger finds it's flesh. Wing buffeting, Bleez hangs on as best he can. A maw filled with very large and dangerous-looking teeth curls about and snaps at his arm, and Bleez recoils the wounded limb, dangling by one arm.
    Natalie: "This is the creature that's been plaguing you for weeks, Captain? It looks like one of our crew is doing just fine by himself."
    DM: "Not weeks, seasons past... he's not usually active this early, I swear to you." He fights with the wheel still.
    Callum: "Hey, get the beast lower!" Callum yells to no one in particular.
    Callum: "Attack the wings!"
    DM: The dwarf in tow, Horntooth kicks off the crows nest, hovering above the crossbowmen below.
    DM: Blood drips on the deck below as the poor bastard lookout is flung aside, splashing shortly after into the sea silencing his screams.
    Natalie: Natalie tries to get a clear shot at Horntooth, firing a bolt of dark, crackling eldritch energy at her foe.
    DM: The attack misses, Natalie still shaken.
    Zho: Zho rolls forwards down the ship, blasting at the dragon with small bolts of silvery force.
    Zho: "Fuckin' dragon! Bleez, get it to stay still!"
    DM: "Cmon you soaking pack of dogs, quit trying to shoot it and <b>shoot it</b>!" shouts the first mate.
    DM: The able woman of a pirate fires again but misses her mark. Meanwhile, the bearded one is still trying to reload the weapon, when he misfires it and nearly pins his foot to the deck.
    DM: The climbing sailor hooks his arm through the ropes as he reaches the top of the mast, and pulls a pistol from his belt, firing.
    DM: The shot ricochets on the scales, glancing off to the distance.
    DM: The moustachioed man returns on deck, some device in his hands.
    Callum: "Come on people, get it lower!" Callum yells this again, as it seems he wasn't heard the first time. He tries to guage a point where he can aid his allies above.
    DM: Natalie notices an odd tube, covered in paper and tied in cord, in the hands of the moustached one.
    Celtis: With a burst of energy, Celtis climbs to the crow's nest and unleashes a murderous yell along with a slash at the dragon, gashing a hole in its side.
    Callum: Callum sighs and runs towards the mast, climbing isn't his thing... at all.
    Callum: As Callum climbs up the mast, he whispers a prayer, his holy symbol hanging from his wrist.
    Callum: Callum holds onto the mast with his legs as he makes another gesture towards Horntooth. Divine light lashes out at the dragon.
    Bleezmoth: Swinging free from having just been bitten, Bleezmoth grabs his dagger, grits his teeth and presses the attack. Angered at the audacity of the beast to bite at him, and having climbed to a superior position, he jams his dagger into the great lizard's wing, attempting to tear downward.
    Celtis: Celtis calls out to his teammates, "Keep him still, and clear out below. I'll clip his wings!"
    DM: Horntooth bucks his head and calls out in staccato screeches. In an effort to dislodge the parasite, he twists to bomb down at the crossbowmen, maw agape. Bleez's beard and hair frizz with static as the dragon turns.
    DM: Celtis clips at a wing as the dragon turns from him, averting it's dive upon those below, but the crackling of electricity sounds as an orb of bright light fills it's mouth.
    DM: Eletrical energy arcs down from Horntooth's mouth in a wide blast, putting a smoldering hole in the deck and sending people flying.
    DM: The bearded sailor is knocked back to the railing, while the woman raises her arms up and is only singed. Imnon feels the burn of the strike but still holds ready.
    Natalie: Natalie moves, keeping up her best defense against the beast.
    DM: From below deck the shouts renew louder. It sounds like mob panic down there.
    Imnon: Imnon watches the dragon flying above him feeling helpless at not being able to fight this beast
    DM: Natalie shakes her head clear and regains her focus. "Wait, this is no bear!"
    DM: She's sure she can take it.
    Imnon: Imnon readies his blade once again hoping the dragon will choose to swoop at him soon
    Zho: Zho continues her sprint down the deck, letting loose missile after missile at the dragon.
    DM: "That's it! Keep her at bay a little longer men!" bellows the captain as he guides the ship towards the safety of Himyr.
    Zho: The first blow strikes the dragon under the jaw, knocking a fang loose. The second bolt flies past as the beast roars, twisting it's head to the side. Zho once again curses as the second shot misses.
    DM: Still with the crossbows, Bleez ponders what they could possibly be aiming at because it couldn't be the bloody dragon.
    Callum: "Nice one, Zho!" Callum yells words of encouragement from his silly perch on the mast... mentally adding an additional bit of gold to their invoice.
    DM: Mister Moustache fiddles with the tube device while the man in the masts takes another shot. The swaying and breeze knocks his arm from true however.
    Celtis: Celtis hacks at Horntooth's wings, but misgauges the tempo of the beats badly, and catches nothing but air
    Callum: Callum swings an arm back, and with a flick of the wrist forth calls forth a lance of radiance to pierce the dragon's wings.
    Callum: The beam flickers off into the horizon as Callum steadies himself on the mast. He reflects on how silly he looks up there.
    Bleezmoth: Bleezmoth grits his teeth as his beard waves madly as a salty blast of wind blast him in the face, as the Dragon swoops towards the deck. Using all of his strength to hold on, he pulls back and stabs his dagger at its wing again.
    DM: The halberdier swinging at Horntooth as he hovers, it turns on him and cries shrilly in anger and defiance. It slashes widely at Celtis with clawed forearms.
    DM: Celtis lunges backwards against the edge of the nest, avoiding the first swipe but no where to go after that. A claw tears over his shoulder followed by a swift blow to the chest with the menacing horn on it's brow.
    DM: The wound sizzles and crackles as it pierces a hole in the armour, and Celtis watches helplessly pinned as Bleez slips from his daggers grip.
    Bleezmoth: Bleezmoth gasps as his hands fall from their grips, but manages to push his body into a quick tumble, and finding a safe hold in the rigging as he falls, catching himself.
    Natalie: Natalie circles around the mast, trying to get a clear shot.
    Callum: Callum looks off into the distance, to see how close they were to the city.
    DM: The shores of Lanthia are visible in the distance now, and taller structures are apparent on the skyline.
    Natalie: Imnon prepares to strike the dragon, if it dares come in range.
    Zho: Zho unleashes a blast of force on the dragon. It strikes the dragon in the chin again, knocking one of his fangs out of his mouth. Zho barely manages to dodge it as it plunges into the deck.
    DM: The sailor with the fabled moustache strikes one of the cords free, a crackling sound briefly. There is a loud <i>foomph</i> and whistle, followed by a glorious bang as the crows nest explodes into a vibrant array of colour. Brightly glowing sparks shoot off in all directions.
    DM: Horntooth bellows in annoyance as the fireworks cascade over him, shaking his head to and fro.
    DM: "The city is within sight men! Keep it at bay until then!" Arkas shouts out over the explosions.
    DM: More bolts are fired, one finding the flesh of Horntooth's thigh.
    Bleezmoth: Gripping the rigging with one hand, and pulling out a throwing knife with the other, Bleezmoth deftly maneuvers up the line, getting back to a better position before flinging the knife with all of his might at the dragon.
    Callum: Callum really really hates being on the mas.t
    Callum: "Screw this!" He yells, and lets loose another Lance.
    Callum: Callum slides down the Mast some, trying to get his feet on the base.
    Callum: He flicks the splinters off his attire, frowning.
    DM: Flailing it's head about, the dragon spins and flips over, diving at the deck below.
    DM: It's toothy mouth stretches in a terrifying scream as it's talons lunge forward to intercept man and deck.
    Natalie: "This... will probably not end well."
    Callum: "Hope you can swim."
    DM: The weakened deck gives in, Horntooth crashing down on Imnon and the sailors as they fire meekly at the approaching doom.
    DM: All three of them fall through the splintered planks into the bilge, while Horntooth thrashes about half inside the ship.
    DM: The ship moans and creaks as it dips heavily forwards.
    DM: Bleezmoth and Celtis feel the swaying of the diving ship, and then moreso, as the foward mast bends and creaks.
    DM: Quickly they realize it's about to collapse.
    Celtis: As the mast sways, Celtis drops off to a side he only hopes the mast decides to spare.
    DM: The mast beginning to fall, Celtis steps up over the edge of the crows nest. Looking down he figures he has a shot, but upon making contact with the deck he feels something snap and he makes a hard landing, falling unconscious. Bleezmoth also dives for safety, but instead takes a different approach. Spread eagle he flings himself at his prey, landing on the dragon's back but only succeeding in scraping himself along the spiney scales as he rolls off it.
    DM: Bleezmoth rolls up clear on his feet, ready for more as always.
    Natalie: Natalie moves closer to the dragon, in an attempt to get a clear shot.
    Natalie: Stepping in to the thrashing lizard, Natalie takes careful aim and fires a sizzling blast of eldritch energy into its exposed rump. Grinning wickedly, she knows her Curse further twists the blade. Well, eldritch energy, but you get the picture.
    Zho: Zho glares at the dragon, smashing her staff into the deck as she thrusts her hand out, the silvery missiles driving for the dragon's skull.
    Zho: Zho swears as the bolts zip past the dragon without doing shit.
    Natalie: Imnon staggers to his feet, bringing his greatsword to bear.
    DM: The mast collapses, cracking on the deck but narrowly missing Bleez and the dragon. The ship limps but manages to carry on.
    DM: The first mate cringes as the mast strikes. The captain looks determined as ever. "There's the walls of Himyr! By the seas, we'll make it I swear." He seems overly confident what with a crippled ship.
    Callum: Just before the mast fell Callum heard a sound that he was all to familiar with. He doesn't see Celtis in front of him, so he can only assume that unmistakable snap bones was his. He raises his holy symbol high on its chain. "It's not over yet... focus, and we will win this!" Callum says, as a pulse of radiant energy flares out around the area.
    Bleezmoth: Coming out of his roll after nearly falling off of the ship, bleezmoth runs up to the sunken dragon, grabbing his shortsword and a dagger as he passes, striking seconds later with the recovered sword.
    DM: The blades scrape along Horntooth's scales, a glancing strike.
    Celtis: Coughing up blood, Celtis just barely manages a response. "I'll join you soon, you whistling scamp."
    Callum: Callum remembers that this is why you set bones and let them heal naturally instead of just using magic.
    DM: Beckoning it's reserves, Horntooth raises it's head, glowing energy gathering and streaming between it's deadly teeth.
    DM: With a strong lunge, it shoots straight up from the ship, splashing wood at those in the vicinity. Hovering over the deck, it turns it's spiteful eye on those beneath it.
    DM: It unleashes another blast of lightning, arcing down at Callum. Bleezmoth and Natalie turn and drop to the side as it hits.
    DM: With a final indignant screech, Horntooth darts off to the port side and heads back in the direction he came.
    Bleezmoth: "Come back with my dagger you scaled menace!" Bleezmoth shouts as he shakes his fist in the air.
    DM: The captain cheers even as the ship slows, taking on water and listing forwards.
    Zho: Zho leans on the ship's railing and looks out in the direction Horntooth headed off in. She shrugs. "That wasn't too bad. I don't see what all the fuss was about."
    Natalie: "That was an... interesting experience."
    Callum: "I'm sure we can find you another one, Bleez." Callum says as he looks at Bleez. He didn't look too hurt.
    Callum: "You ok over there, Natalie?" Callum says as he walks over to examine Celtis further.
    Celtis: Celtis closes his eyes and lets out a long, low whistle, and then drifts into a painful slumber.
    Bleezmoth: Bleezmoth busies himself with securing his weaponry back on his person, then searches through the splintered remains of the deck to see if he can't locate any discarded scales or even a tooth.
    Callum: The short one seemed to be just fine, physically.
    Callum: "So, Bleez. How much you think this should run them all?"
    Bleezmoth: Bleezmoth looks over his shoulder at Callum "Well, its probably gonna run him the cost of a boat for starters" Letting out a deep cackle, he kickes the broken remains of the mast. "I'll leave the money couting to someone else though."
    Natalie: Natalie chuckles.

    Unedited Log w/ OOC

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    Callum blinks as he takes in the situation presented to him. "We'll have to think of something." Something that will accomplish their goals and turn out a fair amount of profit, for sure.

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