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When i watched a video i saw a much bigger selection of customization for the main character. Now i'm loving this game, and i rarely if ever play a singleplayer game. I'm all about the multiplayer, but this game just rocks and i've liked penny arcade ever since forever.

Well i started it up and played the demo version before i bought it, and thought oh wow the character customization isn't that great, but i figured hey its just the demo. Then i went ahead and bought it cause i liked the play style, and still very small customization, and im thinking what the hell, when i watched a demo video i saw a much larger customization and a different looking menu. Was it maybe an older version? Or do i need to unlock stuff? Hopefully someone could shed some light on this for me?

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    Reason for a small amount of character customization is they have to animate and draw each outfit and combinations thereof for the cutscenes. That is a lot of work given what it is. Personally, I'm pleased they gave any customization at all, considering they could've just thrown two or three templates in and called it a day.

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    I thought in some podcast(s) Mike and/or Jerry mentioned getting more customization parts in?

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